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Welcome to Chaotic: Part 1
S01E01 · Welcome to Chaotic: Part 1

Oct 07, 2006

When Tom receives a password from his Chaotic Code Scanner, he is transported to the world of Chaotic. He starts his first Chaotic match against Sam Murakami.

Welcome to Chaotic: Part 2
S01E02 · Welcome to Chaotic: Part 2

Oct 21, 2006

When Tom receives a password from his Scanner, he is transported to the world of Chaotic. He fights in his first match against Sam Murakami.

S01E03 · Unexpected

Jan 20, 2007

Tom meets Peyton, a strange player who is also his next opponent in the BattleDromes. Tom is thrown off and angered by Peyton's odd behavior, like him choosing his deck with his eyes closed.

Over Under Rent Asunder
S01E04 · Over Under Rent Asunder

Jan 27, 2007

Kaz battles an undefeated Chaotic player while Sarah and Peyton tell Tom of the history of Perim and the war for the Cothica.

Crash Course
S01E05 · Crash Course

Feb 03, 2007

Kaz fights Klay in a battle of the BattleGear while Tom heads to Perim to scan Yokkis.

The Thing About Bodel
S01E06 · The Thing About Bodel

Feb 17, 2007

Tom agrees to use the very weak Bodal in his next match, putting him in serious jeopardy when his opponent uses the mighty Tangath Toborn.

Buggin' Out
S01E07 · Buggin' Out

Feb 24, 2007

After Sarah is captured by the Danians, Tom, Kaz, and Peyton embark on a rescue mission to save her only to be captured themselves.

Everything Is in Flux
S01E08 · Everything Is in Flux

Mar 10, 2007

When Tom agrees to a match with Klay, Krystella tells Klay of Tom's strategy before Klay faces him, and Klay uses the Flux Bauble to cause major problems for Tom in the match.

Castle Bodhran or Bust: Part 1
S01E09 · Castle Bodhran or Bust: Part 1

Mar 24, 2007

Tom and Kaz head to Castle Bodhran in Perim to recover Reggie's missing Scanner, but Tom finds himself wagering his prized card Maxxor in a Challenge Match.

Castle Bodhran or Bust: Part 2
S01E10 · Castle Bodhran or Bust: Part 2

Mar 24, 2007

Tom and Kaz are captured by Maxxor in their search for Reggie, and Tom and Maxxor must overcome their distrust for each other for their own survival against the Mipedians.

Lord of Treachery
S01E11 · Lord of Treachery

Apr 07, 2007

Kaz is summoned to a secret meeting by Chaor, lord of the Underworld, and is ordered to do battle with a Chaotic player who has a Lord Van Bloot card when the real Lord Van Bloot plans to stage a revolution against Chaor.

BattleDrome of the Sexes
S01E12 · BattleDrome of the Sexes

Apr 14, 2007

Peyton and Krystella clash in battle while Sarah tells Tom of the Overworld heroine Intress.

Battle Lessons
S01E13 · Battle Lessons

Apr 21, 2007

Tom rescues a player in the wilds of Perim and battles him to gain some tips, finding the player is actually a CodeMaster.

The Birth of Borth-Majar
S01E14 · The Birth of Borth-Majar

Apr 28, 2007

Kaz gets into a difficult drome battle. Later, Tom comes to his aid and attempts to unlock a secret that can keep Kaz from being wiped out.

Shifting Sands
S01E15 · Shifting Sands

Sep 08, 2007

Tom looks to unload his Mipedian cards, which portray the lizard-like warriors. He later learns to respect the Mipedians, when one of them rescues him and Peyton.

Fallen Hero
S01E16 · Fallen Hero

Sep 15, 2007

Tom tags along with Kaz, hoping to get a new scan of his hero, the mighty Maxxor. They are caught in the crossfire of a volcanic battle in Perim, then must brave the ghastly Gloomuck Swamp. And there's an even greater peril ahead.

Scavenger Scan
S01E17 · Scavenger Scan

Aug 12, 2007

Kaz and Peyton engage in a scavenger scan match.

S01E18 · Allmageddon

Sep 29, 2007

Tom and his friends are attacked by Allmageddon, and the help of a creature named Hoton may be their only chance for survival.

A Fearsome Fate
S01E19 · A Fearsome Fate

Oct 06, 2007

Maxxor goes from fearsome to timid, and Tom attempts to uncover the cause.

Maze of Menace
S01E20 · Maze of Menace

Oct 13, 2007

Tom attempts to help Maxxor protect his powers from Lord Van Bloot and Chaor.

Out in the Cold
S01E21 · Out in the Cold

Oct 20, 2007

Blugon sends Kaz on a rescue mission. The dangers of the journey include the Crystal Range and a Pyrithion attack.

S01E22 · ChaotiKings

Jul 22, 2007

The ChaotiKings offer Kaz a chance to join their group, but the initiation proves difficult and dangerous.

S01E23 · Allmageddon

Aug 26, 2007

Tom, Kaz and Peyton track a Stelgar after it escapes from Mommark's lab.

CodeMaster Chronicles: Part 1
S01E24 · CodeMaster Chronicles: Part 1

Nov 10, 2007

After winning seven matches in the Crellan Drome, Tom is summoned to battle a CodeMaster. After snagging a new scan in the perilous Pits, Tom feels he's ready to get Chaotic, but he soon finds out that his strategy has a fatal flaw.

CodeMaster Chronicles: Part 2
S01E25 · CodeMaster Chronicles: Part 2

Nov 10, 2007

Tom battles a new team of creatures before taking on Cromax, the CodeMaster Crellan's secret weapon.

The Ultimate Scan
S01E26 · The Ultimate Scan

Nov 24, 2007

Peyton trades for a map that leads the gang to a portal. They enter it and discover a jungle world, but the new setting has a strange effect on Kaz.

An Easy Win
S01E27 · An Easy Win

Dec 01, 2007

A cocky Peyton challenges a chronic loser named Lulu to a Chaotic match, but as he racks up wins, Peyton starts feeling sorry for Lulu and decides to let her win a battle or two. Easier said than done.

A Flux Too Far
S01E28 · A Flux Too Far

Feb 09, 2008

A friendly game of Chaotic turns tense as Tom and Sarah go head-to-head in BattleDrome Hotekk.

Chaotic Crisis
S01E29 · Chaotic Crisis

Feb 16, 2008

Kaz must decide whether to protect Earth after the creatures of Perim crack the Chaotic Code and begin preparing an invasion.

The Curse of Kor-Bek
S01E30 · The Curse of Kor-Bek

Feb 16, 2008

The kids make a life-threatening discovery at the beach. Later, Tom and his friends join Antidaeon for a battle against Nauthilax.

Fire Fighters
S01E31 · Fire Fighters

Feb 23, 2008

Kaz battles Hot Shot, a player who uses a fire attack.

Chasm Quest
S01E32 · Chasm Quest

Feb 23, 2008

Tom teleports to the location he won in his CodeMaster match, the staggering Prexxor Chasm. He unleashes a ferocious, and potentially devastating, force.

Train Wreck
S01E33 · Train Wreck

Mar 01, 2008

A newly pumped-up Kaz goes after a menacing monstrosity named Klesh.

Trading Cards
S01E34 · Trading Cards

Mar 01, 2008

Tom and the boys go on a crazy card quest---that ricochets from Chaotic to Perim to Earth and back again---to help Sarah find one that's hard to get.

Dual Duel: Part 1
S01E35 · Dual Duel: Part 1

Mar 08, 2008

Just as they are about to scan the Phobia Mask, Tom and Kaz are ambushed by Krystella and Klay.

Dual Duel: Part 2
S01E36 · Dual Duel: Part 2

Mar 08, 2008

The battle against Krystella and Klay continues, with Tom and Kaz close to collapse. But after the boys pull out a win, Krystella and Klay back out of their deal.

Going Under
S01E37 · Going Under

Mar 15, 2008

Tom keeps getting burned in battles, and UnderWorld players line up to take him down. So he decides to play an UnderWorld deck.

Big Time
S01E38 · Big Time

Mar 15, 2008

During a fight, Kaz discovers that his opponent has a creature he has never faced before: a flying Danian named Vollash.

Eye of the Maelstrom
S01E39 · Eye of the Maelstrom

Mar 22, 2008

Determined to scan Najarin, Tom is camped out at Lake Ken-i-po when the mysterious Creature suddenly heads out on a mission to save Perim's Mugic. So Tom decides to track him into the menacing eye of the Maelstrom.

Fighting Friendly
S01E40 · Fighting Friendly

Mar 22, 2008

It's friend vs. friend when Tom battles Kaz, and things get nasty.


Chaotic Season 1 (2006) is released on Oct 07, 2006 and the latest season 3 of Chaotic is released in 2009. Watch Chaotic online - the English Animation TV series from United States. Chaotic is directed by John Delaney,Johnny Darrell,Todd Ramsay,Jacob Biberdorf and created by Christopher Beaumont with Marc Thompson and Rebecca Soler. Chaotic is available online on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi TV.

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