Episodes (8)

S01E01 · Pilot

Oct 14, 2018

A "perfect" group camping trip, obsessively organized by Kathryn McSorley-Jodell in honor of her adoring husband Walt's 45th birthday, is threatened by tension between Kathryn and her estranged best friend, Nina-Joy, the unexpected addition of a pissed-off goth teen and the chaotic arrival of Miguel, who is smack dab in the middle of a breakdown and toting his new girlfriend, Jandice, a woman of many talents who rubs Kathryn the wrong way.

Going to Town
S01E02 · Going to Town

Oct 21, 2018

After her son, Orvis, gets roughed up in a game of flag football, Kathryn rushes him to the nearest hospital, flipping out about his health and the danger that Miguel's girlfriend, Jandice, poses to the weekend. As Kathryn and Walt attend to Orvis, the others hit a local bar, where a racially charged remark to Nina-Joy awakens George's rage.

Fishing Trip
S01E03 · Fishing Trip

Oct 28, 2018

When the guys go on a fishing trip, Walt opens up about his dead-in-the-water sex life. Jandice encourages Carleen to loosen up and embrace her female strength. Kathryn's attempt to mend things with Nina-Joy is overshadowed by a big announcement. Miguel and Jandice's first misunderstanding gets serious fast.

Up All Night
S01E04 · Up All Night

Nov 04, 2018

A late-night pill swap leads a buzzed Kathryn to crash a neighboring campsite, where she runs into Nina-Joy, Carleen and some chic old friends. Unsettled by a revelation from Miguel, Jandice ends up sharing a beer with a forbidden friend.

Just Plain Mad
S01E05 · Just Plain Mad

Nov 11, 2018

Kathryn rips up the day's itinerary and drags fellow campers into town to replace pilfered food supplies; and this departure from the schedule prompts a number of evaluations of relationships.

S01E06 · Carleen?!

Nov 18, 2018

[HBO] HD. 'Episode 6: Carleen?!' (Season One) Walt and Kathryn bond with surprising partners in their separate hunts for a missing Carleen.

Birthday Party (Part 1)
S01E07 · Birthday Party (Part 1)

Nov 25, 2018

[HBO] HD. 'Episode 7: Birthday Party (Part 1).' (Season One) Kathryn loosens up at Walt's party; Nina-Joy confronts her past; Carleen returns.

Birthday Party (Part 2)
S01E08 · Birthday Party (Part 2)

Dec 02, 2018

With the campers still feeling the effects of their drug-taking from the night before, the camping trip draws to a close: Walt and Carlene make decisions regarding Kathryn, Jandice continues to manipulate, George finds clarity, and maternal pangs are revealed.


Camping Season 1 (2018) is released on Oct 14, 2018. Watch Camping online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Camping is directed by Jenni Konner,Wendey Stanzler,Jude Weng,Jason Benjamin and created by Julia Davis with Jennifer Garner and David Tennant. Camping is available online on Spectrum On Demand and Google Play Movies.

A man's camping trip with his wife and friends spirals out of control. A U.S. adaptation of the British series, 'Camping'.

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Кемпинг, Camping, Къмпинг, Kemping


United States



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Hush-Ho, Baby Cow Productions, I Am Jenni Konner Productions


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