Episodes (7)

S03E01 · Matinee

Mar 19, 1984

Fred Grandy plays a wealthy businessman whose wife was strangled in a motel room where she had recently trysted with her lover. The solution to the crime gives Det. La Guardia (Sidney Clute) a totally unexpected chance to shine when he notices that a blackmailer photographing the couple in flagrante also photographed the hotel room's TV set, running a soap opera La Guardia secretly and faithfully watches - and featuring a character which was supposedly off the show at the time the photo was taken.

A Killer's Dozen
S03E02 · A Killer's Dozen

Mar 26, 1984

A uniformed officers' strike forces the detectives back into their blues and onto the streets, as Cagney and Lacey try to bring an end to the "Don Juan Strangler."

Victimless Crime
S03E03 · Victimless Crime

Apr 16, 1984

After the star of a pornographic film dies during production, Cagney and Lacey must convince his reluctant co-star to be a witness.

The Bounty Hunter
S03E04 · The Bounty Hunter

Apr 23, 1984

While looking for a criminal, Cagney and Lacey encounter a bounty hunter who is also looking for the same person. Samuels tells him that after they're done with him they'll send him back to where he jumped bail from. But the man says it's not good enough because his bail will end in a few days. So they have to find him and contend with the bounty hunter as well.

Baby Broker
S03E05 · Baby Broker

Apr 30, 1984

An abandoned baby sets Cagney and Lacey on the trail of a baby broker, and though deaf, Mary Beth considers adopting her. Meanwhile, Chris' new playwright boyfriend doesn't like her being a detective.

S03E06 · Partners

May 07, 1984

Getting shot doesn't stop Chris from assisting on a case while in recovery, while Mary Beth's temporary replacement partner leaves a lot to be desired.

S03E07 · Choices

May 14, 1984

After the key witness in the upcoming trial of a shady landlord dies, Cagney and Lacey must re-canvas his building in search of new witnesses before he gets set free. Meanwhile, Chris has a pregnancy scare.


Cagney & Lacey Season 3 (1984) is released on Mar 19, 1984 and the latest season 7 of Cagney & Lacey is released in 1987. Watch Cagney & Lacey online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Cagney & Lacey is directed by Alexander Singer,James Frawley,Reza Badiyi,Ray Danton and created by Barbara Avedon with Tyne Daly and Al Waxman. Cagney & Lacey is available online on The Roku Channel and Pluto TV.

As know as:

New Yorkin superkytät(video box title), New Yorks tuffaste supersnutar, Cagney & Lacey, Cagney & Lacey(English), Cagney & Lacey(French)


United States



Production Companies:

CBS, Filmways Pictures, Orion Television

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