Episodes (13)

Pilot: Part 1
S01E01 · Pilot: Part 1

Sep 27, 1997

New agents, Reardon and Robinson, face the rookie treatment. Unit's leader, Olansky, visits his troubled friend Nick, who's deep undercover. The team investigates a child kidnapping case complicated by the fact that the mother is a D.A.

Pilot: Part 2
S01E02 · Pilot: Part 2

Oct 04, 1997

Olansky tries to get his risky rescue plan for the kidnapped boy greenlit. His partner, agent Stoddard, has car trouble. Agent Robinson catches a child drug dealer which makes his friends from the hood dislike him.

Radio FBI
S01E03 · Radio FBI

Oct 11, 1997

Vitriolic talk radio host Jules Rozack (J.T. Walsh) is taken hostage on-air by a disgruntled fan, Loren Bitts (Zeljko Ivanek). Olansky tries to talk them both down. Reardon confronts her abrasive superior, Jack DiRado.

The Sandman
S01E04 · The Sandman

Oct 18, 1997

Agents Rooney and DiRado hunt for an international assassin known as the Sandman. Reardon and DiRado bicker. Olansky tries to get Nick out of deep cover after he beats up a cop. Stoddard scores a date. Rooney deals with being a single mom.

Orange Kid
S01E05 · Orange Kid

Oct 25, 1997

DiRado and Robinson are after a gang of spoiled rich kids robbing banks, Reardon visits Nick's wife, Olansky sees his old girlfriend, Stoddard's girlfriend's tell-all Playgirl article embarrasses him, Rooney's ex husband cuts her off.

Eight Pounds of Pressure
S01E06 · Eight Pounds of Pressure

Nov 08, 1997

DiRado and Rooney go undercover as money launderers to catch racketeer Frank Saretti (played by James Russo), but DiRado's overly eager protege and Rooney's abusive ex cause them trouble. Reardon asks Nick about his home life.

Russian Winter
S01E07 · Russian Winter

Nov 29, 1997

A hitman guns down Nick in front of Reardon. DiRado tries to calm her down. Office of Professional Responsibility suspects Nick of having been corrupt. Olansky tries to prove they're wrong. Stoddard warns Robinson not to be OPR's snitch.

The Art of War
S01E08 · The Art of War

May 21, 1998

Stoddard, Rooney, Robinson and DiRado pit a gang of armed robbers who pretend to bi FBI agents against one another. Robinson also looks for his missing junkie brother. Meanwhile, elderly Miss Wilson confesses a 1940s robbery to Reardon.

My Brother's Keeper
S01E09 · My Brother's Keeper

May 28, 1998

The team raids a drug warehouse based on a tip from Robinson's junkie brother, Robert. However, Robert is also there and goes on the run. Internal affairs question Stoddard and Rooney over her vengeful ex's accusations against her.

Green Card
S01E10 · Green Card

Jun 04, 1998

A woman brought into the U.S. by an Asian sex trafficking ring agrees to testify against them only if Stoddard can get her a green card. DiRado looks for his missing friend, a disillusioned undercover agent. Robinson dates agent Vargas.

Russian Roulette
S01E11 · Russian Roulette

Jun 11, 1998

Olansky does everything he can to get Nick's killer, even if it means bending the law. Rooney's unhinged ex husband makes another scene at her place of work. Robinson is investigated for hiding the fact that he has a junkie brother.

El Nino
S01E12 · El Nino

Jun 18, 1998

El Nino hits L.A. creating a huge storm that traps the team in the office for the night together with a mob hitman turned state witness they need to crack. His street charm slowly wins them over, even Rooney. Stoddard and Reardon kiss.

Hitting Olansky
S01E13 · Hitting Olansky

Jul 02, 1998

Olansky survives a hit attempt. Rooney asks a twitchy informant she's very fond of to infiltrate the chop shop of the gangster behind it. At J. Edgar Hoover party, Olansky comforts his daughter, and Stoddard and Reardon discuss the kiss.


C-16: FBI Season 1 (1997) is released on Sep 27, 1997. Watch C-16: FBI online - the English Action TV series from United States. C-16: FBI is directed by Michael M. Robin,Davis Guggenheim,Paul Shapiro,Rick Wallace and created by Patrick Harbinson with Eric Roberts and D.B. Sweeney.

As know as:

C-16: FBI, C-16, C-16: Spezialeinheit FBI, C-16: Szuperügynökök, Sekcja specjalna


United States



Production Companies:

Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, Buena Vista Television

Cast & Crew

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