Episodes (6)

S01E01 · Profiling

Aug 02, 2016

Chief Inspector Proctor receives a new set of directives from the Home Office that effectively amount to an instruction to carry out racial profiling. She has to persuade her team to implement a policy even she thinks offensive.

The Hens
S01E02 · The Hens

Aug 09, 2016

On a quiet day at the airport, Proctor gives an odd briefing, Grant becomes infatuated with a beautiful female passenger and Clive has his hands full with two drunken hen party members kicked off a plane.

The Cop
S01E03 · The Cop

Aug 16, 2016

Handsome, charismatic - but wholly self-centred - detective Terry Bradshaw arrives from the London Metropolitan police to escort an extradited criminal arriving at the airport back to the capital. An excited Clive attempts to help but is cruelly snubbed by the conceited Bradshaw, though, when the criminal finally arrives, it is Clive who saves the day, making Bradshaw look stupid. Meanwhile Tariq, wrongly believing that Andy is attracted to Bradshaw, rings his ex-girlfriend Monica to make Andy jealous, though, when Monica turns up earlier than anticipated, he rather ...

Goodbye Charles
S01E04 · Goodbye Charles

Aug 23, 2016

Last year everybody forgot Clive's birthday but Tariq promised that this year it would be different. Sadly for Clive it is not as Proctor's only announcement at the briefing concerns the sad death of mechanic Charles Headley. Nobody can remember who he is except Grant, who takes things very badly and takes to drink, ignoring Clive's hints that it is his birthday. Finally, as the staff hold a memorial for Charles Andy recalls a rather shocking fact about him - with Clive still waiting for his party.

S01E05 · Asylum

Aug 30, 2016

Actor Mark Addy arrives and is detained for two hours - not that he has done anything wrong but Clive is thrilled top meet somebody from his beloved 'Game of Thrones'. Tariq is also excited as Andy has agreed to come to his DJ gig and he hopes she may spend the night with him. Just as they are all preparing to leave Dr Jamilah Adeloko flies in from Nigeria. She is a respected academic seeking asylum and, although the team have never had to deal with an asylum seeker before, they are determined to help.

S01E06 · Goodbyes

Sep 06, 2016

There are goodbyes all round as Clive announces that he is leaving to join the police and a crest-fallen Grant sees Dasha on her plane back to the Ukraine. Andy also decides that she does not want to be Tariq's girl-friend after their one night stand which is as well as he is still seeing Monica. Meanwhile Proctor is branded a racist after an innocent photo of her pointing to the toilet for an Arab passenger is misconstrued and goes viral on Twitter. However there are compensations in gifts from an unexpected quarter before the team goes home for the weekend.


Borderline Season 1 (2016) is released on Aug 02, 2016 and the latest season 2 of Borderline is released in 2017. Watch Borderline online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Borderline is directed by Matt Jones,Fraser Macdonald and created by David Elms with Ralf Little and Jamie Michie.

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Borderline, Borderline(English), Borderline(French), Граница


United Kingdom



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Little Rock Pictures

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