Episodes (10)

Festen kan börja
S01E01 · Festen kan börja

Nov 30, 2014

At the height of the election campaign the attorney general's chief of staff disappears without a trace. Her replacement Elin Hammer is thrown immediately into a web of lies and conspiracies when she tries to find out what has happened. At the same time the xenophobic Security Party is gaining success. In Uddevalla the party's local representative, Annika Nilsson, is preparing for a town meeting, despite her son's protests. He is tired of the threats and harassment to which the family has become exposed to.

Tusen nålstick
S01E02 · Tusen nålstick

Dec 07, 2014

The more Elin investigates her predecessor disappearance, the more she is convinced that something terrible has happened to her. Annika's far-right political party sees her murder as an opportunity to win new sympathies and votes, and to maximise publicity assigns its spokesman Olle Nordlof the task of recruiting Annika's children, Sofia and Simon. Meanwhile, the Nazi terrorist cell Veritas emerges from obscurity to carry out a series of co-ordinated attacks, leaving the whole nation in shock.

...jord skall du åter varda
S01E03 · ...jord skall du åter varda

Dec 14, 2014

Elin Hammar find an important clue to learn more about the missing chief of staff. In a rural church the funeral of murdered Annika Nilsson take place.

S01E04 · Flyttfåglar

Dec 21, 2014

Elin gets a phone call from a terrified Sarah, who wants to arrange a secret meeting. Janina confronts Olle and Kristoffer when a large amount of money goes missing from the campaign funds, although Olle denies all knowledge. Sofia makes an online comment on the Veritas terror attacks - which doesn't go unnoticed.

Hälsa hem
S01E05 · Hälsa hem

Jan 04, 2015

Sofia is becoming more and more involved with the terrorists, who now kidnap a woman.

Mina föräldrars lögner
S01E06 · Mina föräldrars lögner

Jan 11, 2015

Elin Hammar discover a cover up involving uranium mining. Mattias Cedergren quickly becomes of interest to the police who investigate the terror group Veritas.

S01E07 · Jordskalvet

Jan 18, 2015

The terrorists are planning to have a bomb explode in Stockholm. Elin Hammar find that Gunnar Nordlöf is not as innocent as he may seem.

S01E08 · Svallvågen

Jan 25, 2015

In a major terrorist attack, Veritas attack the Stockholm stock exchange.

S01E09 · Kölvattnet

Feb 01, 2015

Elin Hammar is working with the prime minister's chief advisor Lundström to learn more about the plans of uranium mining. The terrorists are on the run but Cedergren is seriously wounded.

En söndag i september
S01E10 · En söndag i september

Feb 08, 2015

On election day the stakes are high. Certain individuals will stop at nothing from preventing Elin Hammar to reveal the conspiracy.


Blue Eyes (also know as Blå ögon) Season 1 (2014) is released on Nov 30, 2014. Watch Blue Eyes online - the Swedish Drama TV series from Sweden. Blue Eyes is directed by Fredrik Edfeldt,Henrik Georgsson,Emiliano Goessens and created by Robert Aschberg with Louise Peterhoff and Sven Nordin.

As know as:

Blå ögon, Ögon blå(Working Title), Blue Eyes, Blue Eyes(English), Blaue Augen(literal title)





Production Companies:

Strix Drama, Sveriges Television (SVT), Film i Väst

Cast & Crew

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