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S04E01 · Nashville

Oct 04, 2016

Andrew explores the country classics of Nashville like hot chicken to cool chess pie. Other Music City mainstays range from savory pork chops to heaven-sent biscuits smothered in gravy to barbecue juicy enough to make you sing!

S04E02 · Sydney

Oct 04, 2016

From tender kangaroo to delicate Pavlova, Andrew highlights the sweet and savory dishes of Sydney, Australia. Modern twists to old classics make hearty meat pies, rich Sunday Roasts and sweet Moreton Bay Bugs crowd pleasers.

S04E03 · Brooklyn

Oct 11, 2016

Andrew digs into Brooklyn's iconic eats. The multicultural borough offers old-school relics like insanely juicy steak, perfect NY pizza, Jewish pastries swirled with chocolate, decadent cheesecake and Russia's take on ravioli.

S04E04 · Rome

Oct 11, 2016

Andrew explores the food of Rome, including deep-fried artichokes, spaghetti alla carbonara and pizza tonda. Each dish has a history that dates back hundreds of years and has evolved into today's edible icons.

S04E05 · Baltimore

Oct 18, 2016

Andrew brings us to Baltimore, a gritty city where the food is alive with original flavor. Hearty and unique favorites are featured, including local blue crab, tender pit beef and beloved chocolaty Berger cookies.

S04E06 · Bangkok

Oct 18, 2016

Andrew highlights the thrilling favorites of Bangkok. From spicy tom yum goong soup and pad Thai to fruity som tam and mango sticky rice, the vibrant flavors of Thailand come to life in every bite.

S04E07 · Birmingham

Oct 25, 2016

Andrew unveils must-have eats in Birmingham, Alabama. This southern city cherishes soul food classics like fried catfish and hushpuppies, BBQ chicken slathered in sauce, crunchy fried green tomatoes and refreshingly cool pie.

S04E08 · Managua

Oct 25, 2016

Andrew reveals the must-try foods of Managua. From a steamed beef dish called baho to the crispy pork skin-topped salad known as vigaron, traditional flavor is alive in Nicaragua's capital.

S04E09 · Pittsburgh

Nov 01, 2016

Andrew explores the favorite foods of Pittsburgh - home to a half-pound fish sandwich! A working-class town built on hearty recipes like kielbasa, stuffed cabbage and pierogi, Pittsburgh pride is served with fries on the side.

S04E10 · Taipei

Nov 01, 2016

Andrew explores Taipei's culinary classics, starting with Taiwan's national dish: beef noodle soup. He uncovers the city's best regional favorites like pork belly, oyster omelets, crab hot pot, pork dumpling soup and stinky tofu.

Cajun Country
S04E11 · Cajun Country

Nov 15, 2016

Andrew digs into Cajun Country's finger-licking staple dishes inspired by the area's French-speaking Acadian ancestors, including peppery boudin sausage, cayenne-spiked crawfish, iconic gumbo and crispy-fried frog legs.

Ho Chi Minh City
S04E12 · Ho Chi Minh City

Nov 15, 2016

Andrew reveals the cuisine that sets Ho Chi Minh City apart, from the city's favorite street food, snails, to the iconic bahn mi sandwich. The bustling town features savory broken rice, fresh shrimp soup and crunchy spring rolls.

San Diego
S04E13 · San Diego

Nov 22, 2016

Andrew highlights San Diego's sun-soaked cuisine. The laid-back beach town is known for its Mexican-inspired fish tacos and octopus tostadas, Filipino chicken adobo, So-Cal monster burritos, and a globally-loved hometown salad.

S04E14 · Dubai

Nov 22, 2016

Andrew explores the epicenter sampling halwa, a rosewater flavored sweet known as a symbol of the region! He explores the desert city enjoying imports such as Iranian Kababs, sweet or savory feeter, and machboos from Bahrain.

S04E15 · Cleveland

Nov 29, 2016

Old world classics are on the menu as Andrew reveals Cleveland's most iconic foods. Tasty dishes range from beer-battered fish and fried sauerkraut balls to a kielbasa sandwich topped with french fries known as the Polish boy.

S04E16 · Veracruz

Nov 29, 2016

Andrew discovers the taste of Veracruz by sampling Arroz a La Tumbada, which includes a whole boiled octopus! He enjoys traditional favorites like chile relleno, picaditas and a towering seafood cocktail known as Vuelve a La Vida.

S04E17 · Tucson

Dec 06, 2016

Andrew unveils Tucson's iconic desert edibles. The culinary oasis sizzles with frontier flavors from legendary sun-dried beef and deep-fried chimichangas to bacon-wrapped hot dogs, chili eggs and tantalizing green corn tamales.

S04E18 · Seoul

Dec 06, 2016

Andrew highlights Seoul's dynastic dining icons. From spicy stews to cure a hangover and icy buckwheat noodles to beat the heat to sweet beef and spicy fermented cabbage, Seoul cuisine is tradition with a tasty kick.

S04E19 · Detroit

Dec 13, 2016

Andrew highlights the iconic foods that have built the Motor City. From Middle Eastern shawarma to the soul food classic ox tail and greens, to Detroit-style pizza and City chicken, Detroit offers up an array of unique flavors!

S04E20 · Edinburgh

Dec 13, 2016

Andrew shows off classics from Edinburgh, Scotland. From the hearty Scottish breakfast and peppery haggis, to new favorite blue lobster and Scotch whisky, Edinburgh is a city of bold traditions that doesn't shy away from flavor.

S04E21 · Vienna

Dec 20, 2016

Andrew samples the cosmopolitan cuisine of Vienna and enjoys Sachertorte, an Austrian dessert dating back to the 1800s! He also dines on schnitzel, frankfurter sausage and other classics enjoyed by emperors and commoners alike.

S04E22 · Santiago

Dec 20, 2016

Andrew reveals iconic flavors of Santiago including Asado a la Parrilla, a towering platter of meat meant to be shared. Other dishes range from Pastel de Jaiba featuring fresh crab to chacarero, a spice rubbed pork loin sandwich.

S04E23 · Vancouver

Jan 03, 2017

Andrew highlights the world-class eats of Vancouver, BC. From delicate spot prawns, inventive sushi, and king crab, to unique Japadogs and timeless salmon candy, Vancouver is a city that celebrates modern twists on old favorites.

S04E24 · Budapest

Jan 03, 2017

Andrew showcases Budapest's most loved foods. From classic stuffed cabbage and rich goulash to the mouthwatering Transylvania Chimney cake and a decadent sponge cake trifle, Hungary's capital city is loaded with comforting dishes.

S04E25 · Bali

Jan 10, 2017

Andrew Zimmern explores the iconic foods of Bali, where the dishes are rooted in tradition and ceremony. Featured foods include suckling pig cooked all day on a rotisserie, spicy wok-fried rice and whole slow-roasted duck.

S04E26 · Copenhagen

Jan 10, 2017

Andrew Zimmern explores classic Danish dishes in the city of Copenhagen. From seafood prepared in the New Nordic style to classics like marinated crown herring and pan-fried meatballs, Copenhagen is bursting with unique flavors.


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