Episodes (18)

S01E01 · Pilot

Oct 11, 2000

After Danny DeVito offers her a guest starring role as his mother in a new TV series, Bette goes overboard trying to rejuvenate herself.

And the Winner Is
S01E02 · And the Winner Is

Oct 18, 2000

When Bette forgets to thank Roy in an award acceptance speech, she goes out of her way to win another award.

S01E03 · Halloween

Oct 25, 2000

Bette stirs up trouble for Dolly Parton when the pair tape a TV special on Halloween.

Silent But Deadly
S01E04 · Silent But Deadly

Nov 01, 2000

Roy warns Bette that she's pushing herself too hard, but she persists, loses her voice and has to mime her way through her activities.

Two Days at a Time
S01E05 · Two Days at a Time

Nov 08, 2000

When Bette is invited on Oprah to partake in the book club, she finds herself multi-tasking... but never finds time to actually read the book.

Color of Roses
S01E06 · Color of Roses

Nov 15, 2000

Bette agrees to let Oscar produce the song he's written for her, but Bette can't seem to stay focused in the recording studio. Meanwhile Roy unknowingly eats some "special" brownies and Connie bonds with n'Sync, who are recording an album down the hall.

In My Life
S01E07 · In My Life

Nov 22, 2000

Through a series of flashbacks, it's revealed how Bette met all of the closest people in her life.

I Love This Game
S01E08 · I Love This Game

Nov 29, 2000

Bette's attempts to score Lakers tickets at the last minute for her husband's birthday hardly go off without a hitch.

Or Not to Be
S01E09 · Or Not to Be

Dec 13, 2000

When Tim Curry comes to town, Bette weasels her way into his stage production of "Hamlet"... much to Mr. Curry's chagrin. Meanwhile, Oscar concocts an imaginary rivalry with Curry.

Diva, Interrupted
S01E10 · Diva, Interrupted

Dec 20, 2000

When Bette tries to scare up some publicity by faking a mental meltdown, she's a bit too convincing. Meanwhile, Connie and Oscar come to the realization that they're each dating the same man.

True Story
S01E11 · True Story

Jan 03, 2001

Bette's passion for tall-tales gets her into trouble when she goes on The View and concocts a story about saving a child's life.

Of Men and Meatballs
S01E12 · Of Men and Meatballs

Jan 10, 2001

Bette takes Connie out to find her a man, but the only men they find are weirdos. Meanwhile Oscar spends some time with Rose.

Big Business
S01E13 · Big Business

Jan 24, 2001

Bette designs a line of clothes and goes on a home shopping channel to hawk them.

The Invisible Mom
S01E14 · The Invisible Mom

Feb 07, 2001

While volunteering at Rose's school, Bette finally learns why Olivia Newton-John has been holding a grudge against her. Meanwhile Connie spends the day doling out advice in the girls bathroom.

S01E15 · Polterguest

Feb 28, 2001

Imposing new neighbor Jon Lovitz invites himself to stay with Bette while his house is being remodeled.

A Brand New Roy
S01E16 · A Brand New Roy

Mar 07, 2001

There's something different about Roy, and it's not just that he wants to whisk Bette away for a romantic evening. But the plans quickly change when they find themselves stranded at the airport.

The Grammy Pre-Show
S01E17 · The Grammy Pre-Show

Jan 01, 2001

As Bette gets ready to attend the Grammy's, she realizes that she is missing some really expensive jewelry.

A Method to Her Madness
S01E18 · A Method to Her Madness

Jan 01, 2001

To research a role in a new film, Bette becomes the character and takes a job waiting tables in a diner.


Bette Season 1 (2000) is released on Oct 11, 2000. Watch Bette online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Bette is directed by Andrew D. Weyman and created by Jeffrey Lane with Bette Midler and James Dreyfus.

As know as:

Bette, Bette(English), Bette(French), Bette!


United States



Production Companies:

All Girl Productions, CBS Productions, Columbia TriStar Television

Cast & Crew

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