Episodes (52)

The Royal Fairy Picnic (Volume 1)
S01E01 · The Royal Fairy Picnic (Volume 1)

Apr 05, 2009

The visitors land on the Moon and begin to explore. They meet some friendly aliens and have fun making Sandcastles and sharing their picnic. Nanny creates a Jelly flood but luckily the Aliens love to eat Jelly! Disaster almost strikes again when they discover that the rocket has no fuel to get back, but the Wise Old Elf comes up with an ingenious plan to get them home using - Magic Jelly!

Gaston the Ladybird
S01E02 · Gaston the Ladybird

Jan 01, 2009

Holly and Ben think Gaston the Ladybird is sad so they try and cheer him up by tidying his cave. But Gaston liked his cave just as it was all messy and untidy. Ben and Holly cheer Gaston up by making his cave all messy again...

Holly's Magic Wand
S01E03 · Holly's Magic Wand

Jan 01, 2009

Holly loses her magic wand.

The Elf Farm
S01E04 · The Elf Farm

Jan 01, 2009

Holly goes with Ben and Mr Elf to the elf farm to collect an egg for the King's breakfast. While there a huge chicken escapes from the farm and Holly and the elves have to chase it across the Little Kingdom...

Daisy and Poppy
S01E05 · Daisy and Poppy

Jan 01, 2009

Holly and her friends must stay in the courtyard and play with Holly's little twin sisters Daisy and Poppy. All is fine until the twins borrow a magic wand, escape from the Castle and turn the whole kingdom into "bunny rabbits", "froggies" and "birdy wirdies".

Queen Thistle's Teapot
S01E06 · Queen Thistle's Teapot

Jan 01, 2009

Queen Thistle has a beautiful new teapot so delicate that no one is allowed to touch it. Holly accidentally breaks the teapot and tries to fix it with Ben's help...

The Frog Prince
S01E07 · The Frog Prince

Sep 08, 2009

Holly accidentally turns Ben into a frog, then Violet accidentally turns him into bird and finally, they both turn him into a rabbit.

The King's Busy Day
S01E08 · The King's Busy Day

Jan 01, 2009

Holly spends the day with King Thistle on his royal duties. King Thistle is very busy. He must launch an elf boat, judge a fairy fruit competition and make a speech at the Festival of elf and fairy dancing. Holly helps the King realise what fun his royal duties can be...

Fun and Games
S01E09 · Fun and Games

Jan 01, 2009

Ben and Holly are having fun playing together in the meadow. Holly gets frustrated when Ben uses his elf skills to win all the games. Then Ben gets frustrated when Holly uses her magic skills to win all the games...

King Thistle Is Not Well
S01E10 · King Thistle Is Not Well

Jan 01, 2009

King Thistle has a cold and needs medicine. Nanny Plum, Holly and Ben have fun collecting the ingredients for a magic potion to make him better, including a dewdrop from a spider's web, slug slime and the burp of a frog...

The Lost Egg
S01E11 · The Lost Egg

Sep 14, 2009

Ben, Holly and Gaston the Ladybird find a large egg in the meadow. A tiny chick hatches from the egg and the children must find the mummy bird.

The Elf Games
S01E12 · The Elf Games

Jan 01, 2009

Ben is in training for the elf games, Holly wants to join in but the rules state there is absolutely no flying or magic allowed. After unintentionally causing Ben to lose some of his events, Ben gives Holly one last chance to join in without using her magic.

Nanny Plum's Lesson
S01E13 · Nanny Plum's Lesson

Jan 01, 2009

Nanny Plum is teaching the fairy girls some important fairy rules when she is blown away, trapped in a tree, dropped in a stream and covered in mud. Ben, Holly and Gaston the Ladybird come to her rescue.

The Elf Factory
S01E14 · The Elf Factory

Jan 01, 2009

The Elf Factory is deep down in the roots of The Great Elf Tree. It is almost Christmas time and the elves are busy making toys. Holly has fun visiting the Elf Factory and when there is a problem with the toys a little bit of magic saves the day.

Mrs Witch
S01E15 · Mrs Witch

Jan 01, 2009

Queen Thistle reads Ben and Holly a book about a nasty witch, so Nanny takes the children to make a real one who lives in the forest. But Nanny is rude to the witch, who freezes her with magic.

Elf Joke Day
S01E16 · Elf Joke Day

Jan 01, 2009

Holly and Ben help the Wise Old Elf play a trick on Nanny Plum for Elf Joke Day, but she does not see the funny side, and gets her revenge by turning the Wise Old Elf into a giant snail.

King Thistle's New Clothes
S01E17 · King Thistle's New Clothes

Jan 01, 2009

Snooty King and Queen Marigold are coming to visit, but when the King's new clothes get dirty Nanny cleans them and, along the King's old clothes, accidentally shrinks them. With nothing else to wear, Nanny magics some clothes for the King from vegetables in the kitchen.

Elf School
S01E18 · Elf School

Jan 01, 2009

Holly and Nanny Plum join Ben at Elf School, where the Wise Old Elf tells them that strictly no magic should be used. All the Elf children are very good at building their toys, but Holly finds it difficult until Nanny uses a little magic to help her out.

The Royal Golf Course
S01E19 · The Royal Golf Course

Jan 01, 2009

A mole disturbs King Thistle's Golf Course, so a Gnome is enlisted to help drive it away. Soon though the Gnome is ordering the Elves around, and turning the King's Golf Course into a Crazy Golf Course.

Morning, Noon and Night
S01E20 · Morning, Noon and Night

Jan 01, 2009

The Wise Old Elf teaches the elf children how to tell the time using a watch, while Nanny Plum would much rather use a dandelion clock to teach the fairy children. The Wise Old Elf thinks this is silly, and takes Ben and Holly to see the big clock at the top of the Elf Tree.

Gaston's Visit
S01E21 · Gaston's Visit

Jan 01, 2009

Gaston catches a cold when his cave has a leaky roof, so Holly invites him to stay at the Little Castle until it is fixed. But soon Gaston is taking over, eating the King's food, sitting in his chair and sleeping in his bed.

Trip to the Seaside
S01E22 · Trip to the Seaside

Jan 01, 2009

Holly joins Ben and his family on an Elf trip to the seaside, and Mr Elf tells her that no magic is to be used. But when they realise that no one has remembered to pack lunch they ask Holly to use her magic to make some. In return, the Elves build her a giant sand castle, but Holly must use magic again to rescue herself and Ben when the tide comes in and they are stuck in their castle.

Ben's Birthday Card
S01E23 · Ben's Birthday Card

Jan 01, 2009

Holly forgets Ben's birthday, and rushes home to make him a birthday card. But Nanny has stopped all magic, so Holly has to make the card herself. It's fun, but when she takes the card to Ben she is embarrassed that it is hand-made.

S01E24 · Books

Jan 01, 2009

Queen Thistle reads the children a story about the stars, and they all wonder where the stars go in the daytime. They can't find the answer in the magic books in the castle, so go instead to the Wise Old Elf in the Great Elf Library.

Betty Caterpillar
S01E25 · Betty Caterpillar

Jan 01, 2009

Ben and Holly meet a new friend, Betty Caterpillar, but she is sad that she can't join in their games because she can't fly. King Thistle tells them that they can feed her lots of food to help her, but Holly thinks that Betty is getting so fat she will not be able to fly, until she turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Queen Holly
S01E26 · Queen Holly

Jan 01, 2009

Holly is left in charge when King and Queen Thistle go away on important business, but ruling the Little Kingdom isn't as easy as it looks. She wants everyone to have a nice day, so says that no one in the kingdom is allowed to work, but things soon go wrong when everyone is hungry, but no one has made any food.

The Tooth Fairy
S01E27 · The Tooth Fairy

Jan 01, 2009

Ben and Holly are excited when they learn that Nanny Plum is a Tooth Fairy at night, and go along with her to pick up a little girl's tooth. But the little girl is not so little - she's a human and much bigger than the Elves and Fairies!

The Elf Windmill
S01E28 · The Elf Windmill

Jan 01, 2009

King Thistle wants bread for his Royal breakfast, but there isn't any flour in the castle. Mr Elf takes Holly, Ben and Nanny Plum to the Elf Windmill to find out why it takes so long to make flour. But Nanny doesn't want to wait, and uses magic to make the windmill spin faster.

The Elf Band
S01E29 · The Elf Band

Jan 01, 2009

Snobby King and Queen Marigold are coming to visit the Little Kingdom, and Holly and her Mummy and Daddy enlist the Elf Band to impress them.

The Ant Hill
S01E30 · The Ant Hill

Jan 01, 2009

Things are going missing all over the Little Kingdom - Holly has lost her wand and Ben has lost his horn! Soon they realise that ants are stealing their things, and decide to try to persuade the Queen Ant to let them have their things back, with the help of Gaston the Ladybird.

Redbeard the Elf Pirate
S01E31 · Redbeard the Elf Pirate

Jan 01, 2009

Barnaby Elf's uncle, Redbeard the Elf Pirate, comes to visit the Little Kingdom, but he has lost his treasure. Holly, Ben, the Fairies and the Elves must help Redbeard follow the clues to track down the treasure.

S01E32 · Tadpoles

Jan 01, 2009

Holly takes some frogspawn home from class to look after, but is surprised when the frogspawn has turned into tadpoles by morning. Soon there are lots of little frogs for Holly to look after, much to the annoyance of King and Queen Thistle, who decide that a castle is not the place for frogs to live!

S01E33 · Cows

Jan 01, 2009

The children are at the Elf Farm, but to learn where milk comes from they must visit a Big Farm, to find cows. They travel to Lucy Big's Farm, where she shows them all the animals.

Queen Thistles's Day off
S01E34 · Queen Thistles's Day off

Jan 01, 2009

Queen Thistle decides to take a day off, so Holly, Ben, Nanny and the King have to look after the naughty twins Daisy and Poppy for the day. But even all the Elves in the Little Kingdom can't help them keep the twins out of trouble.

Nature Class
S01E35 · Nature Class

Jan 01, 2009

Nanny Plum takes the Fairy children for a Nature Class in the woods, and bumps into the Wise Old Elf who is teaching a Nature Class to the Elf children. The children ask the adults to team up, but when there are no frogs at the pond to show the children, Nanny Plum decides to magic herself into one.

The Toy Robot
S01E36 · The Toy Robot

Jan 01, 2009

Out playing in the meadow, Holly, Ben and their friends find a broken toy robot. Holly fixes it with magic, but the robot does not behave as they thought it would, and soon it is trying to clean out the whole castle.

Big Bad Barry
S01E37 · Big Bad Barry

Jan 01, 2009

King Thistle wants fish for dinner, so he goes out fishing with Mr Elf, Ben and Holly on Mr Elf's boat. Mr Elf tells them a story about the biggest, baddest fish ever - Big Bad Barry - and the King decides that they will catch Barry and eat him for supper.

King Thistle's Birthday
S01E38 · King Thistle's Birthday

Jan 01, 2009

King Thistle does not want to get any older so decides that no one must celebrate his birthday. But all of the Little Kingdom has been waiting to celebrate the King's birthday with a brilliant party.

The Wand Factory
S01E39 · The Wand Factory

Jan 01, 2009

Holly breaks her wand and must go to the Wand Factory, at the bottom of the Great Elf Tree, to get it fixed.

Camping Out
S01E40 · Camping Out

Jan 01, 2009

Holly is going on a camping trip with Ben and his mum and Dad, but they are soon joined by annoying Mr Gnome, who is always hungry and sings silly songs.

The Dinner Party
S01E41 · The Dinner Party

Jan 01, 2009

Snooty King and Queen Marigold invite themselves round for dinner to King and Queen Thistle's Castle to sample Nanny Plum's cooking. Nanny,'the best cook in the world', tries hard to cook 'special modern food' using her magic cookery book, but after everyone samples flavoured steam, they are soon calling for Nanny's treacle pudding!

The Woodpecker
S01E42 · The Woodpecker

Jan 01, 2009

King Thistle is bored and takes up the hobby of bird watching. Using his magic bird book, he spots a Woodpecker taking up residence in the Great Elf Tree. The King is keen to attract more birds, so is pleased when another creature makes a nest in the Royal Castle. But the Magic bird book can't help spotting this creature!

Daisy and Poppy's Pet
S01E43 · Daisy and Poppy's Pet

Jan 01, 2009

The Twins really want a pet and Nanny Plum sets about getting them one. She magic's them up Pippin the hamster. The Wise Old Elf brings Pippin a hamster wheel to play in, but Pippin runs too fast in it and breaks out of the castle. The King orders Nanny to get rid of Pippin after the castle is nearly destroyed.

The Elf Rocket
S01E44 · The Elf Rocket

Jan 01, 2009

After seeing a toy Elf rocket, the King orders a real rocket to fly to the moon. Elf honour is at stake and the Elves make a rocket in record time. For the trip, Nanny packs a picnic, and Ben and Holly plan to paddle and make sandcastles, much to Mr Elf's dismay. Things don't go quite to plan when Nanny opens a door and gets sucked out into deep space!

Picnic on the Moon
S01E45 · Picnic on the Moon

Jan 01, 2009

The visitors land on the Moon and begin to explore. They meet some friendly aliens and have fun making Sandcastles and sharing their picnic. Nanny creates a Jelly flood but luckily the Aliens love to eat Jelly! Disaster almost strikes again when they discover that the rocket has no fuel to get back, but the Wise Old Elf comes up with an ingenious plan to get them home using - Magic Jelly!

Lucy's Picnic
S01E46 · Lucy's Picnic

Jan 01, 2009

On a tour of the Elf Factory, the Elf and Fairy children learn about re-cycling and see how rubbish is re-used and made into toys. When the factory runs out of raw material, they set out to find some more. While out, they stumble upon Lucy and her family having a picnic. Lucy's family fill up the Great Elf tower with new rubbish. Now the Toy factory can begin production again and Lucy learns about re-cycling too.

Acorn Day
S01E47 · Acorn Day

Jan 01, 2009

It's autumn and the Elves and Nanny Plum are busy clearing up all the leaves. Suddenly the squirrels arrive with a mission to store acorns in the Great Elf Tree. Acorn Day has arrived, but the Wise Old Elf, dressed as a squirrel himself, has a cunning idea to rid the tree of the acorns. Unfortunately this doesn't quite go to plan!

The Elf Submarine
S01E48 · The Elf Submarine

Jan 01, 2009

Ben and Holly set out in the new Elf Submarine to try and rescue Redbeard the Elf Pirate's sunken treasure. Mr Elf steers the Elf Submarine to the bottom of the lake but before they realise, they are gobbled up by Big Bad Barry. The only way out of Barry's Belly is to make him laugh. Luckily Nanny knows a few fish jokes!

Visiting the Marigolds
S01E49 · Visiting the Marigolds

Jan 01, 2009

Everyone is visiting snooty King and Queen Marigold's Castle. King and Queen Marigold give them a tour which features a room made of ice sculptures and an upside down room. The tour is not without a few mishaps, including Gaston almost swallowing the Marigold's pet greenfly called Timmy and Nanny breaking an ice sculpture. Luckily Ben Elf saves the day by fixing the clockwork fairground ride in the final room.

The Party
S01E50 · The Party

Jan 01, 2009

It's the Twin's birthday party and chaos ensues when their little friends arrive. The Wise Old Elf tries to entertain them, but they prove too much of a handful, turning the Wise Old Elf into a mouse and ending up in the secret room. The room contains a terrible magical force never to be let out, but luckily Redbeard The Elf Pirate bravely saves them all. Nanny finishes off the day by creating one of her famous Jelly Floods and all is well in the Little Kingdom!

S01E51 · Snow

Jan 01, 2009

It's Christmas Eve and the presents have just been delivered to Father Christmas at the North Pole by Mr Elf in the Elf plane. Back at the elf tree, Mr Elf is just sitting down to a nice cup of tea as Father Christmas rings up to say that there are toys missing. Ben and Holly head off with their friends on a special trip to deliver the final box of toys.

The North Pole
S01E52 · The North Pole

Jan 01, 2009

Part 2 of 2 - On route to deliver the final box of presents, the Elf Plane is forced to land. No one minds, as it's an opportunity for everyone to meet Father Christmas. The Wise Old Elf also meets his twin brother the Wiser Older Elf. Arctic Elves quickly wrap the toys before everyone sets off for home on Father Christmas' sleigh. On the way, they stop at Lucy's house and fill her stocking with presents before heading home for the Elf and Fairy feast. Christmas is here!


Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Season 1 (2009) is released on Apr 05, 2009 and the latest season 2 of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom is released in 2012. Watch Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom online - the English Animation TV series from United Kingdom. Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom is directed by Neville Astley,Mark Baker and created by Neville Astley with Preston Nyman and Sian Taylor. Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom is available online on Netflix and Netflix Kids.

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Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom(French), El pequeño reino de Ben y Holly(Working Title), El pequeño reino de Ben y Holly, Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, O Pequeno Reino de Ben e Holly


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