Episodes (22)

Chamber Music
S02E01 · Chamber Music

Nov 18, 1988

While walking in the world Above, Vincent recognizes Rolly,a teenage musical prodigy and ex-tunnel dweller who is now a junkie.

Remember Love
S02E02 · Remember Love

Nov 25, 1988

In a moment of profound despair, Vincent undergoes his own La vie est belle (1946) experience and sees what would have happened if he had died as a baby.

Ashes, Ashes
S02E03 · Ashes, Ashes

Dec 02, 1988

A Russian sailor escapes to the tunnels only to bring a plague upon the people in the Underworld. It is up to Catherine, Vincent, Father, and everybody to help save their world.

Dead of Winter
S02E04 · Dead of Winter

Dec 09, 1988

When the tunnel world is having an annual event, Paracelcus makes plans to crash the event and do something. When all of the participants arrive, including some friends from the surface, things seem to be OK until Narcisa shows up. It seems she had encountered Paracelcus earlier who had in his possession someone's head who then tried to kill her. They assume Paracelcus is there in disguise. Catherine and Vincent deduce it must be someone from the surface but there are only three whom he knew before he was banished so they try to figure out who could it be.

God Bless the Child
S02E05 · God Bless the Child

Dec 16, 1988

With Catherine's help, a pregnant teenage hooker is welcomed into the tunnels. Complications arise when she falls in love with Vincent.

Sticks and Stones
S02E06 · Sticks and Stones

Jan 06, 1989

A deaf girl, who used to live below, falls in with a street gang that threatens to put an end to her first serious love affair.

A Fair and Perfect Knight
S02E07 · A Fair and Perfect Knight

Jan 13, 1989

Catherine befriends a boy from the world below who leaves the tunnels to go college.

S02E08 · Labyrinths

Jan 20, 1989

A young man gets lost in the tunnel world and he is found by the inhabitants. They're uncertain if they should let him go because they're not sure if he can be trusted to keep their secret. But when a search party comes looking for him, they decide to try to convince him to keep their world a secret.

S02E09 · Brothers

Feb 03, 1989

Vincent's "brother" Devin returns with Charles, a hideously deformed man seeking sanctuary.

A Gentle Rain
S02E10 · A Gentle Rain

Feb 17, 1989

Kanin, a resident of the Underworld, goes into a store on the surface and is recognized by a woman as the man who killed her son, years ago. She then goes to the police and D.A. demanding that they bring him in. Catherine speaks to them and Kanin doesn't want to leave his family. But Vincent tells him that he should take responsibility for his actions.

The Outsiders
S02E11 · The Outsiders

Feb 24, 1989

When some homeless people enter the tunnel world, father decides to welcome them but Vincent says they should be wary. And it seems he was right cause it seems they're ravenous.

S02E12 · Orphans

Mar 06, 1989

After her father dies, Catherine thinks about living the rest of her life in the world below.

S02E13 · Arabesque

Mar 13, 1989

Vincent's childhood sweetheart returns to the tunnels, and Vincent reveals a painful memory of her to Catherine.

When the Blue Bird Sings
S02E14 · When the Blue Bird Sings

Mar 31, 1989

Catherine meets a persistent artist, who follows and spies on her. But this artist isn't all what he seems to be.

The Watcher
S02E15 · The Watcher

Apr 07, 1989

On Vincent and Catherine's two year anniversary, Catherine receives a phone message indicating that someone is watching them.

A Distant Shore
S02E16 · A Distant Shore

Apr 14, 1989

Catherine heads out to L.A California, to find a witness for an investigation.

S02E17 · Trial

Apr 21, 1989

Catherine is put in charge of a murder case in court, and to bring justice to a five year old murdered son.

A Kingdom by the Sea
S02E18 · A Kingdom by the Sea

Apr 28, 1989

Catherine is blocked out of an investigation involving a murder attempt by the C.I.A. But there are more shocks yet to come, and a familiar face returns..

The Hollow Men
S02E19 · The Hollow Men

May 05, 1989

Two rich kids have been targeting and murdering prostitutes for fun. Late one night, Vincent witnesses their latest murder and is unable to stop them. Catherine soon puts together a case against them but has a hard time putting them away. Meanwhile, Vincent has set out on his own to put an end to their madness.

What Rough Beast
S02E20 · What Rough Beast

May 12, 1989

Catherine is attacked in the park by two men disguised as policemen. Naturally, Vincent comes to her rescue but it soon becomes apparent that this event was a setup to get Vincent out in the open and has all been orchestrated by a shadowy figure who has hired an investigative reporter to uncover the existence of Vincent.

Ceremony of Innocence
S02E21 · Ceremony of Innocence

May 19, 1989

Following the death of investigative reporter, Bernie Spirko, Elliot Burch and Catherine set out to find the man who hired and killed Spirko. Little do either of them know that the man they are seeking is Paracelsus and he has set into motion the next stage of his diabolical plan. He lies to Vincent about his birth which brings Vincent to the verge of madness.

The Rest Is Silence
S02E22 · The Rest Is Silence

May 26, 1989

Following the ordeal with Paracelcus, Vincent moves forward toward a stress-aggravated mental collapse. Vincent continues to come to terms with the beast in himself and finds himself losing control of his thoughts. He finally decides to go into seclusion into a deep chamber far back through the catacombs where madness takes over his mind. Meanwhile, Catherine, Father and the rest of tunnel dwellers try to find some way to help Vincent.


Beauty and the Beast Season 2 (1988) is released on Nov 18, 1988 and the latest season 3 of Beauty and the Beast is released in 1989. Watch Beauty and the Beast online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Beauty and the Beast is directed by Victor Lobl,Gus Trikonis,Thomas J. Wright,Christopher Leitch and created by Ron Koslow with Ron Perlman and Roy Dotrice.

As know as:

Beauty and the Beast(French), La belle et la bête(French, video box title), Die Schöne und das Biest, Beauty and the Beast, La bella y la bestia


United States



Production Companies:

Witt/Thomas Productions, Republic Pictures (II)

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