Episodes (8)

The Linden Tree
S10E01 · The Linden Tree

Sep 08, 1974

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S10E02 · Electra

Oct 24, 1974

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The Wood Demon
S10E03 · The Wood Demon

Nov 17, 1974

A luncheon party gathers to celebrate a wealthy unmarried man's birthday; his sister hopes he'll marry Sonya, the daughter of a selfish gout-ridden old professor who makes life Hell for his son George and his young wife, Helen. At the luncheon is Khrushchov, a passionate environmentalist, called "the Wood Demon" by all, in love with Sonya and she with him, but neither will say it. Two weeks later there's a family meeting at the professor's estate; two weeks after that, a supper at the cabin of Dyadin, who's cheerful to all. George, Helen, Sonya, and Khrushchov are ...

Robinson Crusoe
S10E04 · Robinson Crusoe

Dec 29, 1974

A man struggles to survive after being shipwrecked on a deserted island.

The Apple Cart
S10E05 · The Apple Cart

Jan 19, 1975

King Magnus's position as monarch is in danger - can he "upset the apple cart" and preserve his throne?

The School for Scandal
S10E06 · The School for Scandal

Feb 16, 1975

Scandalmonger Lady Sneerwell controls a nest of gossipy vipers, and young Lady Teazle, bored by her elderly husband Sir Peter, has been lured into the circle too.

King Lear
S10E07 · King Lear

Mar 23, 1975

King Lear, old and tired, divides his kingdom among his daughters, giving great importance to their protestations of love for him. When Cordelia, youngest and most honest, refuses to idly flatter the old man in return for favor, he banishes her and turns for support to his remaining daughters. But Goneril and Regan have no love for him and instead plot to take all his power from him. In a parallel, Lear's loyal courtier Gloucester favors his illegitimate son Edmund after being told lies about his faithful son Edgar. Madness and tragedy befall both ill-starred fathers.

S10E08 · Strife

May 18, 1975

A personal dispute between a union leader and a management leader causes chaos for workers at a troublesome tin mining company.


BBC Play of the Month Season 10 (1974) is released on Sep 08, 1974 and the latest season 16 of BBC Play of the Month is released in 1983. Watch BBC Play of the Month online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. BBC Play of the Month is directed by Cedric Messina,Rudolph Cartier,John Gorrie,Basil Coleman and created by Rodney Ackland with Charles Gray and Eric Porter.

Monthly anthology series featuring televised versions of plays.


United Kingdom



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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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