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Episode #1.1
S01E01 · Episode #1.1

Jun 26, 2020

Ezgi, at her surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Soner, learns that he is cheating on her. Difficult days began again for Ezgi. Ezgi, who is forced to leave the house where she lives with Soner, also loses her job. This process causes them to make new decisions. To stay away from the "Wrong" men and find the right man. The person who will help her implement this decision will be her new neighbor, Özgür, who is a "mister wrong" in every sense of the word.

Episode #1.2
S01E02 · Episode #1.2

Jul 03, 2020

Ezgi wants to meet with Serdar again to make up for her mistake. She asks Cansu to arrange another meeting. This time, she is determined to act correctly and influence Serdar. She needs Özgür for this. So she accepts Özgür's offer. They make a deal. Ezgi will act like Özgür's girlfriend for a night, and in return Özgür will teach her what to do to impress Serdar. However, this agreement will have different results for both of them.

Episode #1.3
S01E03 · Episode #1.3

Jul 10, 2020

Ezgi and Özgür, who last fought and canceled the deal, are shocked when they learn that they will work together. Ozan, who witnesses these moments, does not know what to do. It is very important for Ozan to work with Ezgi, even though he talks to Özgür and tries to fix the situation it's unsuccessful. Meanwhile, a second shock awaits Ezgi. In the face of this incident, Ezgi questions herself and thinks she act wrong with Özgür. She wants to fix her relationship with Özgür. Ezgi's wish to come to the wedding makes Özgür happy. Both are prepared to set out to play a ...

Asktan Korkma
S01E04 · Asktan Korkma

Jul 17, 2020

Cansu and Deniz are shocked when they learn that Ezgi went to Göcek with Özgür as per an agreement. Even though Ozan notices the he has spilled the secret at the last minute, he has to explain everything with the pressure of Deniz. Cansu and Deniz are not comfortable. Since they are afraid that Ezgi will fall in love with Özgür, they go after them and go to Göcek. In the meantime, a day full of adventure and tension awaits Ezgi and Özgür, who fell on a deserted island as a result of the troubles they had, and their friends and families who could not reach them were ...

Dogru Insan
S01E05 · Dogru Insan

Jul 24, 2020

After meeting Serdar in Göcek, Ezgi and Özgür start thinking about what to do when they learn that Serdar will also attend Ebru's wedding. Their friends try to come up with ideas and help them to survive the wedding. Meanwhile, Sevim and Nevin get along very well, and with the guidance of Fitnat, they begin to plan to overcome Ezgi and Özgür. Ezgi and Özgür also pretend not to fit each other in order not to upset their families. This makes their families skeptical about the marriage of the two.

Asik Miyiz?
S01E06 · Asik Miyiz?

Aug 07, 2020

The love game of Özgür and Ezgi, who returned from Göcek, is now over. Instead of being relaxed with the fact that the game is over and continue their lives, they both are upset. Ezgi makes an appointment for dinner with Serdar, but she is very confused. Now she feels that she doesn't want it as much as she used to, and she alternates between her feelings and logic.That's why she tries to find excuses and postpone the dinner. Özgür is no longer the same with the Serdar theme. He began to be uncomfortable with his presence. Ezgi notices these changes in Özgür and ...

Askin Dansi
S01E07 · Askin Dansi

Aug 14, 2020

Ezgi's first job in La Gabbia is to organize a Latin night. Serdar will also attend in this organization and is willing to tango with Ezgi. But Ezgi has to learn tango for a short time as she does not know how to dance it and lies Serdar about it. Özgür, who is master in tango, offers to help Ezgi in this matter. Even though Ezgi and Özgür, who get closer while practicing together, are affected by each other, the presence of Yesim and Serdar prevents them from expressing this. Meanwhile, Soner's appearance will confuse everything, and what happened this night will ...

Askin Cevabi
S01E08 · Askin Cevabi

Aug 21, 2020

The closeness between Ezgi and Özgür is disrupted with the arrival of Serdar and Yesim. Serdar is uncomfortable with Özgür's interest towards Ezgi and together with Yesim starts to question this situation. Deniz first notices Ezgi's feelings for Özgür and warns Ezgi not to make a mistake. Ozan is aware of Özgür's feelings for Ezgi and supports him in this regard. Their mothers, who don't want the two to get together, also take action and decide to do whatever they can to keep them apart.

Gerçek Ask
S01E09 · Gerçek Ask

Aug 28, 2020

Ezgi and Özgür start to be together despite all opponents. Ezgi and Özgür are unaware of their mothers fighting while living their love. While mothers think so badly about each other, they cannot explain their relationships. Nevin pressures Ezgi to leave both home and work as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Ezgi's birthday is near. While Özgür prepares a special night for Ezgi, Serdar organizes a birthday with Ezgi's family and friends. Ezgi unwillingly finds herself in the party organized by Serdar. As a result of coincidences, Özgür also comes to that place.

Aska Güven
S01E10 · Aska Güven

Sep 04, 2020

After all the disappointments Ezgi heads to Bursa to clear her head. Nevin and Ünal questions this state of Ezgi. Even though Ezgi hides her experiences with Özgür, everything is revealed when Özgür comes to Bursa. Özgür's apology does not change anything. Özgür did not trust her, which upset her very much. The more Özgür is alone, the more he misses Ezgi and the more he realizes how much he loves her. This state of mind activates Ozan. Cansu and Deniz are also upset and regret that they treated Ezgi wrong. They also work with Ozan and try to bring Ezgi and Özgür ...

Askin Gücü
S01E11 · Askin Gücü

Sep 11, 2020

Ezgi was very touched by Özgür's surprise. All the resentment towards Özgür passes. In this process, both understood better how much they value each other. They open a new page in their relationship, there is no longer a place for lies. So they decide to tell their families that they are together. Nevin accepts this relationship even if she doesn't want it very much, Sevim, on the other hand, does not want Ezgi and Özgür to be together. Ezgi performs her first event at the organization company she was hired, and a surprise awaits her at this event. Meanwhile, Serdar ...

Gücüne Inan
S01E12 · Gücüne Inan

Sep 18, 2020

Özgür becomes mad when he learns that Tolga is Ezgi's boss. Ezgi immediately quits. But Tolga will not be comfortable until he gets La Gabbia, he has already made plans to put Ezgi in a difficult situation with the support of Gizem. He takes advantage of Özgür's weakness for Ezgi. When it comes to Ezgi, it becomes even more difficult for Özgür to decide against Tolga's wishes. Meanwhile, Özgür deals with the new restaurant and its opening. Against all the difficulties, the most important thing for Özgür and Ezgi is their love for each other. But Tolga and Serdar have ...

Episode #1.13
S01E13 · Episode #1.13

Sep 25, 2020

Ezgi and Özgür, who see the police in front of them, are shocked. Özgür, who thinks that Tolga is complaining about Ezgi, goes crazy. They all have to go to the police station together. Even if Ezgi, whose testimony is taken, is released, they do not let go of this work and try to prove Ezgi's innocence. Against all the difficulties, the most important thing for Özgür and Ezgi is their love for each other. But Tolga and Serdar have no intention of leaving them alone. Meanwhile, Ezgi has prepared a surprise bachelorette party for Cansu. Cansu is very happy to have fun ...

S01E14 · Final

Oct 02, 2020

Özgür was very overwhelmed due to all that he has been through lately and decides to take a break and goes in the forest to clear his mind. But his peaceful moments there does not last long, Ezgi, Ozan and Deniz goes to find him. They all have a fun day together. Özgür takes his strength from Ezgi in every negativity he experiences. Every moment he shares with her, he realizes that he cannot be without her and proposes to Ezgi. Ezgi is finally living her dream, finding true love. She says yes to his proposal to be happy forever with Özgür.


Mr. Wrong (also know as Bay Yanlis) Season 1 (2020) is released on Jun 26, 2020. Watch Mr. Wrong online - the Turkish Comedy TV series from Turkey. Mr. Wrong is directed by Deniz Yorulmazer and created by Banu Zengin Tak with Can Yaman and Özge Gürel.

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Bay Yanlis, Senhor Errado, Bay Yanlis(English), Bay Yanlis(French), Gospodin pogrešni(Alternative Title)





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