Episodes (6)

Britannia Waives the Rules
S04E01 · Britannia Waives the Rules

Jan 03, 2004

Barry is detained for questioning while the rest of the lads return to the UK courtesy of the British Consulate in St Petersburg. A Russian crime lord, whose mansion they have been working on is blown up just as they are finishing the job. But their brush with the Diplomatic Service prompts them to sign up with OED, the Government department that handles building contracts for British Embassies all over the world.

Our Men in Havana
S04E02 · Our Men in Havana

Jan 10, 2004

The lads start work refurbishing a large derelict property to become the Ambassador's new residence. Wyman has a very memorable experience on their first night out on the town in Havana. The next evening, at a drinks reception for the Cuban National Ballet Company, Neville finally meets his contact and Oz finds himself strangely captivated by the Prima Ballerina.

A Gift from Fidel
S04E03 · A Gift from Fidel

Jan 17, 2004

Neville's contact gives him a ticket for the boxing event, while Oz makes a date with the Prima Ballerina and Wyman joins the Embassy Scuba Club. But before any of them can make their appointments, the lads have to pick up an old bath for the Ambassador's new residence.

S04E04 · Moonlighting

Jan 24, 2004

Neville makes a new friend, Wyman starts seeing a girl from the Embassy and Oz persuades the others to help renovate his Cuban girlfriend's home. However, Dennis begins to feel everyone's avoiding him, and his suspicions are further aroused when the work-rate on the site drops off.

Dangerous Liaisons
S04E05 · Dangerous Liaisons

Jan 31, 2004

Barry has been arrested after the car crash, but now the authorities begin to suspect he could be a spy. Oz's relationship also attracts special attention, Wyman's mother turns up unannounced and Neville has a secret mission.

The End of the Affair
S04E06 · The End of the Affair

Feb 07, 2004

Neville learns the truth about his contact, Wyman's mother comes up with a plan to smuggle Oz's girlfriend out of Cuba while Barry continues to languish in jail under suspicion of espionage.


Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Season 4 (2004) is released on Jan 03, 2004 and the latest season 5 of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is released in 2004. Watch Auf Wiedersehen, Pet online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is directed by Roger Bamford,Paul Seed,Baz Taylor,Anthony Garner and created by Ian La Frenais with Timothy Spall and Jimmy Nail.

As know as:

Öl, kvinnor och tegel, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet(English), Auf Wiedersehen, Pet(French), Näkemiin vaan, muru


United Kingdom


English, Turkish, German, Russian, Spanish, Albanian, Serbian

Production Companies:

Central Independent Television, Witzend Productions, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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