Episodes (28)

The Victim: Part 1
S02E01 · The Victim: Part 1

Jan 08, 1980

When kidnappers abduct his teenage daughter, Sue, industrialist Vincent Craig could easily raise the ransom money. But Craig intends to do things his own way.

The Victim: Part 2
S02E02 · The Victim: Part 2

Jan 10, 1980

Craig believes he knows who is behind the kidnapping--and that the motives are personal, not financial. Shaking off the police, he heads to the town of Hepton to begin his search.

The Victim: Part 3
S02E03 · The Victim: Part 3

Jan 15, 1980

Enlisting the help of a local crime reporter, Craig tracks down a disgruntled ex-employee named George Neecham.

The Victim: Part 4
S02E04 · The Victim: Part 4

Jan 17, 1980

While Craig's desperation mounts in his search, Sue seems to become increasingly comfortable with her kidnappers - especially with the young man Frankie.

The Victim: Part 5
S02E05 · The Victim: Part 5

Jan 22, 1980

Detectives trace Craig to Hepton, but he has moved on to the abandoned factory where his daughter is being held.

The Victim: Part 6
S02E06 · The Victim: Part 6

Jan 24, 1980

Craig finally confronts his daughter's captors in their hideout, but Sue - very much her father's daughter - does the unexpected.

Dead Man's Kit: Part 1
S02E07 · Dead Man's Kit: Part 1

Jan 29, 1980

After shore-leave in Lisbon for the crew of HMS Diana, Master-at-Arms 'Toby' Toberman makes an official complaint to the ship's Captain about the behaviour of an officer he saw in a casino. Following the ship's 'Sod's Opera' party, Toby is reported missing from the deck - presumed lost overboard. Was it an accident or suicide - or was he given the proverbial push?

Dead Man's Kit: Part 2
S02E08 · Dead Man's Kit: Part 2

Jan 31, 1980

With the ship now docked back at Portsmouth, Toby's friend 'Chalky' White is determined to find out the truth. He returns Toby's personal effects to his widow Jean, but the diary is still missing. They both attend the navy's inquest, but it leaves more questions than answers. Back at Jean's house, a letter from Toby arrives - posted when he was in Lisbon, and backing up his concerns about Kobahl and the casino. Chalky visits Kobahl's girlfriend - and also gets his Wren girlfriend Stephanie to do some digging.

Dead Man's Kit: Part 3
S02E09 · Dead Man's Kit: Part 3

Feb 05, 1980

Chalky visits Zoë, the girl who seemed to be supplying Kobahl with the money he was losing at the casino. Meanwhile, Steph appears to be in cahoots with whoever is responsible for the cover-up. Chalky nearly becomes the victim of a hit-and-run - and then finds that he's now involved with a plot concerning Naval Intelligence's investigations into Kobahl, and his selling of MOD secrets into enemy hands. When they use him in a sting to try and catch Kobahl, things take on an even more sinister turn.

Dead Man's Kit: Part 4
S02E10 · Dead Man's Kit: Part 4

Feb 07, 1980

Chalky manages to escape being shot by a gunman in a passing car, but then goes on to find Zoe's body in her flat, the victim of murder. Kobahl appears to have gone to ground, though he soon reappears, determined to find Toby's letter - which is hidden in Chalky's house. Later, Kobahl takes Jean hostage, hoping to use her as insurance in his getaway, as he plans to make his escape to Russia by ship.

Dying Day: Part 1: Mr. Skipling is Sentenced to Death
S02E11 · Dying Day: Part 1: Mr. Skipling is Sentenced to Death

Feb 12, 1980

A lonely man with punctilious habits listens to a tape cassette of ambient barroom sounds, which include the hushed tones of two men plotting to kill him; but when a policeman listens, all the sounds are there except those of the two men.

Dying Day: Part 2: Mr. Skipling Finds a Friend
S02E12 · Dying Day: Part 2: Mr. Skipling Finds a Friend

Feb 14, 1980

The police disbelieve Skipling's story of the man bleeding from the eyes. Later, Skipling receives an unwanted visit from a doctor and a welcome visit from his "befriender".

Dying Day: Part 3: Mr. Skipling Fights Back
S02E13 · Dying Day: Part 3: Mr. Skipling Fights Back

Feb 19, 1980

Skipling finds more fuel for his imagination in the new husband of his bigamous wife.

Dying Day: Part 4: Mr. Skipling's Day of Reckoning
S02E14 · Dying Day: Part 4: Mr. Skipling's Day of Reckoning

Feb 21, 1980

Skipling braces himself as the fateful day of February 28 approaches.

Fear of God: Part 1: A Question of Gravity
S02E15 · Fear of God: Part 1: A Question of Gravity

Feb 26, 1980

A journalist finds his life is in danger when he investigates the death of a woman who was involved with a religious cult - throwing herself from the roof of the building where he is also living in an apartment.

Fear of God: Part 2: The Noise
S02E16 · Fear of God: Part 2: The Noise

Feb 28, 1980

Paul attends Rosamund's funeral, which is also attended by a leader of the Regiment of God sect - the cult she belonged to. At the service, he meets her sister, Nicola - whom he arranges to meet later to share information. Finding his flat bugged, and hearing of the cult's use of sound as a weapon, Paul is drawn deeper into the mystery of Rosamund's death.

Fear of God: Part 3: The Music Room
S02E17 · Fear of God: Part 3: The Music Room

Mar 04, 1980

Paul is 'attacked' by a mysterious noise in his flat, but manages to make a recording of it before finally passing out. He feels there's a link to this and the 'music room' of the Regiment of God mentioned in Ros's diary - and also notices he's being covertly followed by cult members. He and Nicola track down Rosamund's boyfriend, and they all travel to the cult's HQ to try to find out the truth about her and the music room.

Fear of God: Part 4: Bang!
S02E18 · Fear of God: Part 4: Bang!

Mar 06, 1980

The Regiment of God are still desperate to retrieve Ros's notebook, and forcibly bring Paul and Nicola to the cult's HQ to hand it over. They then get to meet the cult's leader, who insists that Nicola return her sister's ashes to them, as her mortal remains are their property. With the police and the authorities now closing in on the dangerous cult, it seems that events will now lead to an explosive climax.

High Tide: Part 1
S02E19 · High Tide: Part 1

Mar 11, 1980

A man is released from prison for manslaughter, then heads to Cornwall to solve the mystery behind his victim's strangely cryptic last words.

High Tide: Part 2
S02E20 · High Tide: Part 2

Mar 13, 1980

Peter continues his road-trip to the coast - now accompanied by hitch-hiker Celia. He continues his enquiries, searching for the meaning of 'high tide 9:52' - Maxwell's last words. He buys a sailboat, with plans to sail east - still aware he's being tailed by the mysterious Matthews.

High Tide: Part 3
S02E21 · High Tide: Part 3

Mar 18, 1980

Peter sails to the lonely coastal house where he believes Maxwell was headed. It appears to be empty and derelict, but someone seems to be expecting him. He meets the mysterious Helen, and becomes enamoured with her - but could she be involved in what brought him here?

High Tide: Part 4
S02E22 · High Tide: Part 4

Mar 20, 1980

Following the death of Celia at the harbour, Peter is looking for answers - and worried as to Helen's welfare too. He visits her, and finally finds out the truth.

The Circe Complex: Part 1
S02E23 · The Circe Complex: Part 1

Mar 25, 1980

Tom Foreman kills a policeman after stealing jewellery worth a fortune. Caught and incarcerated, he refuses to reveal the loot's whereabouts - even to prison psychiatrist Ollie Milton.

The Circe Complex: Part 2
S02E24 · The Circe Complex: Part 2

Mar 27, 1980

Ollie and Tom's wife, Val, enlist the help of ex-con "Cat" Devlin in their plot to locate the hidden jewels.

The Circe Complex: Part 3
S02E25 · The Circe Complex: Part 3

Apr 01, 1980

Ollie takes harsh measures to get Tom to talk, but things go dreadfully wrong. Cat realizes it's his word against that of the respected Dr. Milton.

The Circe Complex: Part 4
S02E26 · The Circe Complex: Part 4

Apr 03, 1980

The case against Cat looks watertight, but Detective Bannister has doubts. Why does Cat stick so doggedly to his story--and insist his relationship with Val wasn't strictly business?

The Circe Complex: Part 5
S02E27 · The Circe Complex: Part 5

Apr 08, 1980

Bannister remains suspicious about Tom's death but starts an affair with Val, who is more than happy to provide an easy out for the conflicted detective.

The Circe Complex: Part 6
S02E28 · The Circe Complex: Part 6

Apr 10, 1980

Ollie finally learns where the jewels are stashed, but his quest to recover them spirals out of control.


Armchair Thriller Season 2 (1980) is released on Jan 08, 1980 and the latest season 2 of Armchair Thriller is released in 1980. Watch Armchair Thriller online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Armchair Thriller is directed by Robert Tronson,Moira Armstrong,Donald McWhinnie,Robert D. Cardona and created by Andrew Brown with Frank Duncan and James Bolam.

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Armchair Thriller, Il giallo della poltrona


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