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Wedding Cake
S02E01 · Wedding Cake

Jan 24, 2022

Danny needs a cake for his parents' wedding, and fast. The band deliver a cake, but Mac's size-shifting machine causes chaos, and they have an angry wedding organiser to contend with.

Detention Break
S02E02 · Detention Break

Jan 25, 2022

Rockers Leo and Jimi are unfairly locked in detention by their strict headteacher and will miss their first ever gig unless the band can bust them out. It's time for a crazy plan.

Odd Socks in the Hood
S02E03 · Odd Socks in the Hood

Jan 26, 2022

The Odd Socks go back in time to help the young Maid Marian rescue treasure from the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham.

Planet Rock
S02E04 · Planet Rock

Jan 27, 2022

Rio has lost his air guitar and his confidence. The band travel through space to take him home to Planet Rock to see the Godfather of Rock, who will help him get them back.

Robo Whiff
S02E05 · Robo Whiff

Jan 31, 2022

Whiff says he needs help, so Mac invents Robo Whiff, a super-efficient robot roadie. However, things soon start to go wrong as Whiff's pushy robotic twin starts to take over the band.

Boo! Who?
S02E06 · Boo! Who?

Feb 01, 2022

Mac's Aunty needs the Odd Socks' help to get rid of some troublesome ghosts from her spooky guest house. The band's stint as ghost hunters leads to a surprisingly noisy discovery.

BBC Shutdown
S02E07 · BBC Shutdown

Feb 02, 2022

The band are guests on Zoe Ball's radio show, but accidentally shut down the BBC. They have to take over and present all the shows in order to keep the BBC on air.

Science Rocks!
S02E08 · Science Rocks!

Feb 03, 2022

When Professor Quantum invents a machine that creates instant Rockstar talent, who better to call than the Odd Socks? Whiff spots an opportunity to take a short cut to stardom.

Horsing Around
S02E09 · Horsing Around

Feb 07, 2022

Jackie needs help getting her horse to jump. However, Hugh is no ordinary horse - he's a pantomime horse. It's when the band discover that Hugh loves dancing that they save the day.

Detective Day
S02E10 · Detective Day

Feb 08, 2022

The band turn detective and go in search of Rosie's lucky flying disc which she needs for a competition. While cracking the case, they discover a surprising secret about Whiff.

Going Wild
S02E11 · Going Wild

Feb 09, 2022

Blu's nephew Cub has a monstrous odd job for the band - can they help this young adventurer track down the mysterious Beti? And can Whiff find a phone signal?

Slime Noon
S02E12 · Slime Noon

Feb 10, 2022

Siblings Artie and Xenon both want the garden shed for themselves. The band try to settle the argument but soon start taking sides - can Sheriff Andy sort out the mess?

Surprise Birthday
S02E13 · Surprise Birthday

Feb 14, 2022

The band want to surprise Andy's mum for her birthday, but she almost discovers their secret plans. Can they manage to keep everything under wraps in time for her big surprise?

Band in the Sand
S02E14 · Band in the Sand

Feb 15, 2022

Young Ben wants to win the Oddpool sandcastle competition. The band head to the beach, and Rio meets a sea genie who gives everyone a big surprise.

The Odd Sock Awards
S02E15 · The Odd Sock Awards

Feb 16, 2022

TV Stars Sam and Mark prank the Odd Socks, and there is an even bigger surprise when the lads start giving out awards for the best bits from the series - who will be the winners?


Andy and the Band Season 2 (2022) is released on Jan 24, 2022 and the latest season 3 of Andy and the Band is released in 2023. Watch Andy and the Band online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Andy and the Band is directed by Matt Holt,Ian Aryeh and created by Furquan Akhtar with Andy Day and Marcus Ramtohul. Andy and the Band is available online on The Roku Channel and Tubi TV.

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Andy and the Band


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