Episodes (13)

Wake Up Call
S02E01 · Wake Up Call

Jul 23, 2012

The alphas rescue Dr. Rosen's estranged alpha daughter from an assassin. She carries a carefully coded message stolen from Red Flag. But Dr. Rosen suspects it's a ruse which leads him to take precipitous action.

The Quick and the Dead
S02E02 · The Quick and the Dead

Jul 30, 2012

On the hunt for a killer with super-speed, our team realizes his search has lead him directly to them, with deadly consequences.

Alpha Dogs
S02E03 · Alpha Dogs

Aug 06, 2012

An investigation leads Harken and Hicks to go undercover in a secret, underground Alphas-only Fight Club where they meet "Kat", an energetic fellow Alpha whose can instantly memorize any physical or mental skill.

When Push Comes to Shove
S02E04 · When Push Comes to Shove

Aug 13, 2012

The Team investigates an Alpha-related crime spree leading to one of their own, who is in the midst of a dangerous emotional breakdown. Our Team races to stop them before they hurt themself or someone else.

S02E05 · Gaslight

Aug 20, 2012

A powerful Alpha seems to have lost his mind and is attacking people at a hospital forcing, but as the team tracks him down they each begin to lose touch with reality.

S02E06 · Alphaville

Aug 27, 2012

Rosen and his team travel to a remote village of Alphas to ask Skylar Adams to look into the function of the photo stimulator. But Parish has people in the village, and soon the lives of both Skylar and her daughter, Zoe, are in jeopardy.

Gods and Monsters
S02E07 · Gods and Monsters

Sep 10, 2012

When Jason Miller returns to school, he uses his newly-enhanced Alpha ability to form a neural network of classmates who bend to his will. Rosen begrudgingly agrees to team up with Stanton Parish to get Jason to release his mind slaves.

S02E08 · Falling

Sep 17, 2012

Kat goes undercover to investigate the source of a street drug that makes its user invincible, while Rosen works to confirm his suspicions about Dani's being an informant for Parish. Meanwhile, Hicks suspects that his son may be an Alpha.

The Devil Will Drag You Under
S02E09 · The Devil Will Drag You Under

Sep 24, 2012

When Hicks turns defector and beginning working for Parish, Rosen and the team can only wonder: has Hicks truly turned, or is he playing a deeper game involving Dani?

Life After Death
S02E10 · Life After Death

Oct 01, 2012

How does one grieve and move on from a terrible loss? Everyone's process is different. Dani's shocking death at the hands of Parish leaves Rosen and the team grasping for lifelines.

If Memory Serves
S02E11 · If Memory Serves

Oct 08, 2012

It's Midnight Run, Alphas-style as Hicks and Kat transport a valuable Parish asset: a babbling, off-his-nuts memory sponge Alpha named Mitchell. Mitchell just might hold the strategic intel they need to stop Parish...if they can outrun and outwit Mitchell's seemingly indestructible Alpha "caretaker". Meawhile, Rosen is on his own hunt- for Parish' Achilles' Heel, a weak point to strike at. But Senator's Burton sudden presence in the Alphas office threatens to expose Rosen and Nina's own Achillles' Heel.

Need to Know
S02E12 · Need to Know

Oct 15, 2012

When Rosen kidnaps and interrogates an Alpha prisoner, the team wonders how far Rosen will go in seeking revenge for the death of his daughter.

God's Eye
S02E13 · God's Eye

Oct 22, 2012

Separated from the team and haunted by vivid hallucinations of his daughter, Dani, an injured and increasingly desperate Doctor Rosen seeks a final confrontation with Alpha leader Stanton Parish.


Alphas Season 2 (2012) is released on Jul 23, 2012 and the latest season 2 of Alphas is released in 2012. Watch Alphas online - the English Action TV series from United States. Alphas is directed by Nick Copus,Matthew Hastings,Leslie Libman,J. Miller Tobin and created by Michael Karnow with David Strathairn and Ryan Cartwright. Alphas is available online on The Roku Channel and Apple iTunes.

Following the death of a witness in a court case, Dr. Lee Rosen leads a team of "Alphas", (advanced human beings) who have number of special skills that makes them a formidable team. As Rosen mentors them and teaches the team to harness their considerable skills, they begin to realize that there are powerful forces behind the courthouse murder, including one of their own.

As know as:

Alphas, Люди Альфа, Section 8, Alfe, Výjimeční


United States


English, Persian

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BermanBraun, Universal Cable Productions

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Impossible is what they do best., Super. But Human.


Emily St. James
AV Club
Yes, it's basically the story that every X-Men arc or film explores, but it's a good story, and there's plenty of room for unexplored territory that Alphas can mine.
by rottentomatoes, Jul 23, 2012
Maureen Ryan
Huffington Post
Competent and enjoyable when it comes to action and pacing, but this show will rise and fall on the continuation of the character development begun in Season 1, and the jury's still out on that front.
by rottentomatoes, Jul 23, 2012

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