Episodes (26)

Let's Dance
S03E01 · Let's Dance

Feb 25, 1992

Emma Bigelow asks Thomas to the Debutante Ball but there's one problem - he can't dance.

Taking Care of Business
S03E02 · Taking Care of Business

Mar 03, 1992

An internship leads to Anna working for Tracy and Thomas for a big corporation - Burger Boy, that is. When Wayne finds out he blackmails Thomas who is embarrassed having such a job.

I've Got to Be Me
S03E03 · I've Got to Be Me

Mar 10, 1992

Doug falls for the female electrician working at the house; she thinks he is Bobby and the others play along.

History Never Repeats
S03E04 · History Never Repeats

Mar 17, 1992

Bobby's former manager Louey Little drops by and wants to bring Bobby back to the top - and fleece him. With a new potential manager around Wayne has a hard time.

The Letter
S03E05 · The Letter

Mar 24, 1992

A parcel with Beth's belongings from the plane crash arrives. In there also her diary. Reading in it the clan learns more about the dark past of the family and Beth.

You're So Vain
S03E06 · You're So Vain

Mar 31, 1992

The call from a movie producer who wants him for a starring role lets Doug fly high - too high the rest of the family thinks.

Addicted to Love
S03E07 · Addicted to Love

Apr 07, 1992

Bobby has to face the fact that he's a pizza-addict when the others challenge him to go 48 hours without.

The Winner Takes It All
S03E08 · The Winner Takes It All

Apr 28, 1992

Anna wins the general knowledge tournament school and is selected to become a contestant on Sale of the Century.

Baby Love
S03E09 · Baby Love

May 05, 1992

A baby-sitting Bobby? Can't Be. - So Anna and Thomas return with the baby twins - who actually belong to one of Tracy's friends - to the supermarket where they think Bobby has kidnapped them.

Devil Woman
S03E10 · Devil Woman

May 12, 1992

Jackie Hammond, Bobby's ex from back in the day, is back on the charts and back in Bobby's life.

Get a Job
S03E11 · Get a Job

May 19, 1992

After losing accounts, Tracy also loses her job. Doug cooks for the taxi drivers' picnic. Bobby tries gardening.

Come Together
S03E12 · Come Together

May 26, 1992

With all those 'negative vibrations' at home Bobby tries a sixties approach - a commune - so the people in the house find inner peace.

Love Hurts
S03E13 · Love Hurts

Jun 02, 1992

Thomas' classmate Marcus falls for Tracy - who has learned that she's the only one from her class not to be married. Bobby's favorite jeans tear apart.

The Sounds of Silence
S03E14 · The Sounds of Silence

Jun 09, 1992

Hearing-impaired Bobby must face the fact that his love for Rock'n Roll may leave him behind deaf.

I Like Bread and Butter
S03E15 · I Like Bread and Butter

Jun 16, 1992

When Doug is out on a double-shift, Tracy tries her luck with cooking for a catering job. When this turns ugly, the rest must step in - meaning no party for Anna and Jodie.

Walk Like an Egyptian
S03E16 · Walk Like an Egyptian

Jun 23, 1992

Tracy and Doug do the catering for the Egyptian Embassy. When Tracy prefers the business part over helping Doug in the kitchen, a fed up Doug quits. Anna protests against kangaroo being served at a diner.

Love Me Tender
S03E17 · Love Me Tender

Jun 30, 1992

Wayne hires Tracy and Doug to cater for his rich uncle Alphonso's birthday. The catering firm gets into trouble with the law. Wayne's typical wooing pays off.

You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog
S03E18 · You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog

Jul 07, 1992

Thomas takes care of Quentin, the pedigree dog of Mrs. Bigelow, Emma's mom. Bobby has bought an 'antique' lawn mower and terrorizes the neighborhood.

Under My Thumb
S03E19 · Under My Thumb

Jul 14, 1992

Bobby takes a book about positive thinking - taking life into one own hands and the like - literally, miffing the others.

Look Through Any Window
S03E20 · Look Through Any Window

Jul 28, 1992

After breaking his leg, Bobby watches his neighbor killing her husband from the rear window and freaks out when she discovers him peeping.

Jump in My Car
S03E21 · Jump in My Car

Jul 28, 1992

Anna goes for her driver's license. Bobby, however, thinks boys - in this case Thomas - should make theirs first. Eventually a bet follows: Who will make the license first, Anna, backed up by Tracy, or Thomas, who has Bobby in his corner.

I Put a Spell on You
S03E22 · I Put a Spell on You

Aug 04, 1992

An Italian Spell delivered with the mail causes Wayne to freak out. Thomas bets Sam that he can't beat him at selling stuff at the flea-market.

Let's Spend the Night Together
S03E23 · Let's Spend the Night Together

Aug 11, 1992

Bobby finds his ex-drummer's Little Black Book. Unfortunately for Wayne, it's a little out of date.

S03E24 · Unforgettable

Aug 18, 1992

Bobby is obsessed with finding the name of the actor playing Lt.Cmdr. Gary Mitchell in Star Trek's pilot episode. His obsession puts an unpleasant halt on his plans to renovate the house.

S03E25 · Michelle

Aug 25, 1992

Thomas has fallen for Michelle, a rich girl, from school. The only thing spoiling a 'hit' could be his dad - at least Thomas thinks so.

Love and Marriage
S03E26 · Love and Marriage

Sep 01, 1992

Bobby gets jealous when he learns that Tracy has a beau. Wayne shadows the guy.


All Together Now Season 3 (1992) is released on Feb 25, 1992 and the latest season 4 of All Together Now is released in 1993. Watch All Together Now online - the English Comedy TV series from Australia. All Together Now is directed by Pino Amenta,Kendal Flanagan,Andrew Friedman,Mike Smith and created by Pino Amenta with Jon English and Steven Jacobs.

As know as:

All Together Now(French), I wszyscy razem, Mi viejo rockero, Rock'n'Roll Daddy, All Together Now





Production Companies:

Nine Network Australia

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