Episodes (9)

Avsnitt 1
S01E01 · Avsnitt 1

Jan 01, 2020

Hamilton walks trough the streets of Stockholm, on the lookout for several persons. A series of explosions goes off in what seems like a terrorist attack.

Avsnitt 2
S01E02 · Avsnitt 2

Jan 08, 2020

The terrorists of the attack flee through the woods. Hamilton arrives in Sweden after his mission. His arrival is monitored by Kristin Ek. In the meantime DG has made some arrangements after his visit to Russia.

Avsnitt 3
S01E03 · Avsnitt 3

Jan 15, 2020

Hamilton returns to Sweden, starting off his homecoming with meeting Sonja. Kristin and Birger make progress in the hunt for the terrorists.

Avsnitt 4
S01E04 · Avsnitt 4

Jan 22, 2020

Hamilton and Kristin arrive in Hamburg to help BND in the hunt for the terrorists. Astrid investigates Elena's death. DG finds out that Hamilton is a double agent working for the CIA.

Avsnitt 5
S01E05 · Avsnitt 5

Jan 29, 2020

Haig gives Hamilton an order he can't possibly execute. Kristin gets into trouble privately when marriage breaks in the joints. Hamilton and Sonja head off to her cabin and can finally relax, but a surprise awaits.

Avsnitt 6
S01E06 · Avsnitt 6

Feb 05, 2020

Hamilton tracks down Sonja to tell her the truth. Their meeting is cut short however when the police brings her in for questioning. Birger helps Hamilton dig up evidence of Haig lying about his mission.

Avsnitt 7
S01E07 · Avsnitt 7

Feb 12, 2020

Kristin begins interrogating the arrested Hamilton. She discovers that he worked for Haig and that somebody has framed him.

Avsnitt 8
S01E08 · Avsnitt 8

Feb 19, 2020

In order to find the intel which Borisov passed on to Norling before his death, Hamilton travels to Ukraine, unknowing that Haig has hired assassins for the same goal.

Avsnitt 9
S01E09 · Avsnitt 9

Feb 26, 2020

Hamilton is betrayed by Tarabasov just as Stockholm is struck by a new, massive cyber-attack. The country's media is spammed by prefabricated articles about terrorist attacks that have not happened yet.


Agent Hamilton (also know as Hamilton) Season 1 (2020) is released on Jan 01, 2020 and the latest season 2 of Agent Hamilton is released in 2022. Watch Agent Hamilton online - the Swedish Action TV series from Sweden. Agent Hamilton is directed by Per Hanefjord,Erik Leijonborg,Lisa Farzaneh,Niklas Ohlson and created by Martin Bengtsson with Jakob Oftebro and Annika Hallin. Agent Hamilton is available online on Hoopla and MZ Choice Amazon Channel.

As know as:

Hamilton, Hamilton, Agente Hamilton, Агент Хамилтън(Bulgarian), Hamilton(English)


Sweden, Germany, Lithuania


Swedish, English, Russian

Production Companies:

Dramacorp Pampas Studios, Kärnfilm, C More

Official Site:

Beta Film

Cast & Crew

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