Episodes (25)

We've Only Just Begun
S05E01 · We've Only Just Begun

Sep 19, 1991

Dwayne and Whitley start their new lives together as an engaged couple. while they also have a new set for the dorm and welcome some new freshman.

The Dwayne Mutiny
S05E02 · The Dwayne Mutiny

Sep 26, 1991

Dwayne is under a lot of stress after being so over occupied while Juleesa starts her own business from home after not finding a suitable place elsewhere.

Home Is Where the Fire Is
S05E03 · Home Is Where the Fire Is

Oct 03, 1991

Lena is caught cooking up her 'special' gumbo in the dorms and faces suspension.

Almost Working Girl
S05E04 · Almost Working Girl

Oct 10, 1991

Whitley recommends Jaleesa's temp agency to E.H. Wright, but problems ensue when Freddie is hired and disagrees with her boss on affirmative action.

In the Eye of the Storm
S05E05 · In the Eye of the Storm

Oct 17, 1991

The Pit becomes a refuge when a hurricane approaches Hillman; Ron tries to convince Freddie to play a demo tape of his band on her radio show.

Rule Number One
S05E06 · Rule Number One

Oct 24, 1991

Lena falls for her teacher Dwayne. Ron tries reselling defective cosmetics from a TV ad.

Baby, I'm a Star
S05E07 · Baby, I'm a Star

Oct 31, 1991

Kim's new-found arrogance loses her a spot in Ron's band; Col. Taylor frets over his age.

Liza Who-Little
S05E08 · Liza Who-Little

Nov 07, 1991

Whitley's evil look-alike cousin Liza visits Hillman and stirs up trouble when she sets her sights on Ron.

To Tell the Truth
S05E09 · To Tell the Truth

Nov 14, 1991

The stress of wedding planning pushes Whitley and Dwayne's relationship past the breaking point.

Do You Take This Woman?
S05E10 · Do You Take This Woman?

Nov 21, 1991

Dwayne and Whitley's parents both come together for their engagement party. When both mothers get into a heated exchange Dwayne and Whitley are going to an exchange as well when Dwayne gets cold feet but it is Whitley who calls off the engagement

Mammy Dearest
S05E11 · Mammy Dearest

Dec 05, 1991

Whitley throws herself into an art exhibit in order to forget her break-up with Dwayne, and Kim is furious that Whitley wants to include stereotypical "Mammy" items in the exhibit. Whitley discovers an unpleasant truth about one of her ancestors.

Twelve Steps of Christmas
S05E12 · Twelve Steps of Christmas

Dec 19, 1991

Whitley and Dwayne struggle with their first holiday apart. The Taylor Family is having a conflict of interest over Christmas traditions. Therapist, Dr. Langhorne advises everyone to holiday cheer.

Just Another Four-Letter Word
S05E13 · Just Another Four-Letter Word

Jan 02, 1992

Dwayne becomes frustrated with Ron's inability to pay his fair share; Whitley, Kim and Lena intervene when they see Freddie losing herself in her relationship with Shazza.

The Cat's in the Cradle
S05E14 · The Cat's in the Cradle

Jan 16, 1992

At a hotly contested Hillman-Virginia A&M game, Ron accepts a sucker bet from three white A&M students, then gets into a fight with them when one of them starts to spray a racial epithet on his car in revenge. In a cell, the men proceed to give very different accounts, mediated by a white officer who challenges both groups' assumptions.

Prisoner of Love
S05E15 · Prisoner of Love

Jan 23, 1992

Freddie's pen pal, Jamal, is an ex-con and he visits Hillman, where Whitley is drawn to him. Ron and Dwayne get involved and find an expensive camera and other items in Jamal's belongings and accuse him of stealing.

Bedroom at the Top
S05E16 · Bedroom at the Top

Jan 30, 1992

When Whitley is promoted at work, she is faced with sexual harassment by her new boss. Colonel Taylor is thrilled to learn Terrence has finally chosen a career, until he finds out it's dance.

May the Best Man Win
S05E17 · May the Best Man Win

Feb 13, 1992

Byron Douglas is impressed with Whitley's fund raising skills and asks her to help with his Senate campaign. Mr. Gaines has troubles with the lease at The Pit and Byron gets involved.

Kiss You Back
S05E18 · Kiss You Back

Feb 20, 1992

Whitley and Byron are getting serious, but Whitley still has feelings for Dwayne. They end up sleeping together when Dwayne arrives at Whitley's place to discuss their relationship. Kim finally goes out with Ron to a club but ends up leaving when every woman seems to have a past with Ron.

Conflict of Interest
S05E19 · Conflict of Interest

Feb 27, 1992

After Whitley and Dwayne spend the night together, they avoid speaking about their feelings. Charmaine and Lance (from The Cosby Show) visit Hillman.

S05E20 · Sellmates

Mar 12, 1992

Ron is intrigued by a female con artist. Kim fears she won't be accepted to medical school.

Do the Write Thing
S05E21 · Do the Write Thing

Apr 02, 1992

Lena is losing her engineering scholarship until she writes a moving story about her father, which later is proven to be fabricated. It earns her a journalism scholarship and brings her closer to her gambler father. Whitley jeopardizes Byron's fund raising when she wears a fur to an event.

Love Taps
S05E22 · Love Taps

Apr 23, 1992

Events take a tragic turn at the dorm when Lena suspects a rapper named Dion is abusing Gina.

Special Delivery
S05E23 · Special Delivery

May 07, 1992

Byron's opponent brings details of a stripper in Byron's past to light but Byron refuses to fight back, and just wants to discuss the issues. Byron wins the election and proposes to Whitley which upsets Dwayne. Jaleesa gives birth with the help of Kim and Freddie.

Save the Best for Last: Part 1
S05E24 · Save the Best for Last: Part 1

May 14, 1992

As Whitley prepares for life with Byron, she is left torn after Dwayne visits her on the night before her wedding day.

Save the Best for Last: Part 2
S05E25 · Save the Best for Last: Part 2

May 21, 1992

Surprise and shock are the themes of Whitley's and Byron's wedding day.


A Different World Season 5 (1991) is released on Sep 19, 1991 and the latest season 6 of A Different World is released in 1992. Watch A Different World online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. A Different World is directed by Debbie Allen,Ellen Gittelsohn,Neema Barnette,Henry Chan and created by Bill Cosby with Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison. A Different World is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

A group of students at a historically Black university struggle to make it through college.

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A Different World, College Fieber, Tutti al college, Campus show, Inny świat


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Bill Cosby, Carsey-Werner Company


Big laughs on campus.

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