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Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep
S01E01 · Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep

Sep 18, 1964

General Savage believes that Gallagher, part of a military family, is too quick to abort missions at the first sign of engine trouble. Savage rides Gallagher hard, assigning him a crew of slackers and misfits and ordering Gallagher to paint the name "Leper Colony" on his plane. Gallagher turns his crew is to an efficient outfit but he despises Savage and wants to do anything to get a transfer.

Follow the Leader
S01E02 · Follow the Leader

Sep 25, 1964

When a bombardier releases his bombs prematurely with the group ordered to hit the same spot , they accidentally destroy a Dutch school.

The Men and the Boys
S01E03 · The Men and the Boys

Oct 02, 1964

Gen. Savage decides to court martial a captain who broke formation to provide air cover for a crew bailing out of a plane, creating much anger.

The Sound of Distant Thunder
S01E04 · The Sound of Distant Thunder

Oct 16, 1964

A goofy bombardier Lt. who always hits his mark joins Gen. Savage's crew and finds out the hard way, that real people are killed when bombs drop.

The Climate of Doubt
S01E05 · The Climate of Doubt

Oct 23, 1964

Gen. Crowe orders Savage to fly a dangerous mission in France to show support for the resistance, but he thinks it's because he's in love with a beautiful fighter there.

Pressure Point
S01E06 · Pressure Point

Oct 30, 1964

Gen. Savage outfits some of his planes with bigger guns to try to reduce heavy losses, but if a US senator remains unconvinced he could lose his command.

S01E07 · Decision

Nov 06, 1964

Savage has one chance try to bomb a Nazi building next to his POW major friend and his crew, or the 918th will bomb the whole area.

The Hours Before Dawn
S01E08 · The Hours Before Dawn

Nov 13, 1964

Savage takes cover in a British mansion during an air raid but is trapped by a downed German colonel also taking cover there. The cynical and manipulative female owner is unsympathetic to both.

Appointment at Liege
S01E09 · Appointment at Liege

Nov 20, 1964

A pilot major assigned elsewhere when his crew was killed in combat, suffers a guilt complex and becomes reckless with his missions and the lives of his subordinates.

S01E10 · Interlude

Nov 27, 1964

Suffering from fatigue, General Savage is ordered to take leave and decides to pay a visit to sunny Scotland. On his way, he repeatedly bumps into a female British officer, Ann Macrae, who is returning to her home - accidental encounters that become increasingly awkward. Naturally, their animosity slowly turns to grudging tolerance, and then to fondness on the way to true affection. Against his better judgment, Savage finds himself falling in love, and Macrae is caught in the same web. Unfortunately, she is hiding a secret that will cast a terrible shadow over their ...

Here's to Courageous Cowards
S01E11 · Here's to Courageous Cowards

Dec 04, 1964

Gen. Savage has to handle a major who's burning himself out after 35 missions and a conscientious objector corporal who still joined the Air Force.

Soldiers Sometimes Kill
S01E12 · Soldiers Sometimes Kill

Dec 11, 1964

Gen. Savage is suspected by Scotland Yard of killing a pretty model in her flat and even he cannot remember all the events of that night.

The Suspected
S01E13 · The Suspected

Dec 18, 1964

A reporter on the airbase is bent on trying to prove that one of Gen. Savage's gunners, is an escaped convicted murderer.

An Act of War
S01E14 · An Act of War

Dec 25, 1964

Savage is shot down on a vital recon mission in France , kills a Frenchman in self defense, and gets captured by Nazi sympathizers who plan to lynch him.

Those Who Are About to Die
S01E15 · Those Who Are About to Die

Jan 01, 1965

Savage's elite squadron is picked for a dangerous, top secret bomb run, but his men start to crack waiting for fog to lift over the English Channel, while they are confined to base. One of his best pilots, Lt. Lockridge, is recovering from hepatitis, waiting to complete his 25th mission, which will get him sent back to the U.S. Gen. Savage, the medical officer, and the nurse who loves Lockridge debate: is Lockridge malingering, pretending to be A-OK, or is he too ill to fly on the mission in which 1/3 are expected not to come back from ?

In Search of My Enemy
S01E16 · In Search of My Enemy

Jan 08, 1965

Due to illness and injury, including his own bum knee, General Savage finds himself short of qualified pilots to lead bombing missions. Help arrives in the person of Major Peter Gray, a highly experienced man with just the right credentials, but also some lingering pains from his own earlier mishap. Complications arise when Savage discovers that Gray's wife, Ann, is his former fiancee and that he still has strong feelings for her. Stressed by the awkward situation, he assigns Gray to command a mission that is supposed to be a milk run, only to discover too late that ...

The Albatross
S01E17 · The Albatross

Jan 15, 1965

A handsome Lt. with a upcoming movie career accepts one extra mission as a favor to Gen. Savage, receives a bad facial burn, and recklessly sinks into depression.

The Lorelei
S01E18 · The Lorelei

Jan 22, 1965

Every series deserves at least one good spooky episode, and this is it for 12o'H. The Lorelei is a bomber that returns from a mission and lands intact, but with its entire crew dead. Gen. Savage assigns the plane to his new 2nd-in-command, Col. Royce, who he's supposed to evaluate for assignment as a group commander. Royce is a highly-experienced, decorated, and well-liked pilot with one apparent flaw; he's decidedly superstitious, and he's just been handed command of a Flying Dutchman that seems to have a mind of its own. The Twilight Zone visits the 918th.

Faith, Hope and Sergeant Aronson
S01E19 · Faith, Hope and Sergeant Aronson

Jan 29, 1965

Gen. Savage returns from a mission gravely wounded, requiring a delicate operation to remove shrapnel endangering his heart; an operation Dr. Kaiser doesn't feel confident to perform. While waiting for a specialist, Savage is placed in a ward next to Sgt. Aaronson who has just lost his lifetime friend to battle wounds and is also quickly losing his faith in God. Savage tries to talk him out of his closing shell, but the Sergeant slips deeper into melancholy, that is until he meets someone who could use a little of his disappearing faith.

To Heinie, with Love
S01E20 · To Heinie, with Love

Feb 05, 1965

Gen. Savage keeps a skillful navigator he knows had a father that was a Nazi, and becomes more doubtful of him when an error kills a crewman.

The Clash
S01E21 · The Clash

Feb 12, 1965

Gen. Savage and a Nazi colonel are the only survivors in a raft after shooting down each other's planes at sea, but the Nazi tries to force him to surrender at gunpoint.

The Ticket
S01E22 · The Ticket

Feb 26, 1965

A uncaring Lt. wins the lottery after accepting a very dangerous mission, and realizes things in his life are worth living for, but he is not allowed to back out of the assignment.

The Trap
S01E23 · The Trap

Mar 05, 1965

A pilot's worst nightmare - buried underground with no guarantee of ever seeing the open sky again. Gen. Savage and a group of Londoners are trapped in a cellar during an air raid, while the only man who knows they are there is wounded and incoherent. Savage has to deal with an elderly widow facing true fear for the first time, a young coal miner with a phobia about being buried alive, a charlatan confronted by the lies behind his life, and a girl about to become an unwed mother. Oh, and there is one other occupant of this hell under earth - an unexploded, ticking ...

End of the Line
S01E24 · End of the Line

Mar 12, 1965

Maj. Gallagher feeling guilty over the death of a friend who replaced him, tries to help the man's fiancee but she is a greedy, deceitful, person and only Gen. Savage can save him.

The Threat
S01E25 · The Threat

Mar 19, 1965

Gen. Savage becomes the target of Nazi assassination attempts by a spy on the base, while propaganda broadcasts continue to taunt him.

Mutiny at Ten Thousand Feet
S01E26 · Mutiny at Ten Thousand Feet

Mar 26, 1965

A Lt. conspires to make Gen. Savage appear to be mentally unstable, so he can take over his plane and land in Sweden where the crew can sit out the rest of the war.

The Mission
S01E27 · The Mission

Apr 02, 1965

While preparing for a top priority mission, Gen. Savage replaces a sick crewman with a hotshot gunner, only to discover too late that the man has a bad reputation as well as a negative attitude. Joe Waller is a washed-out pilot trainee who takes out his resentment on his fellow crew members. The resulting friction threatens the integrity of the crew, even before Waller is forced to replace the fatally wounded bombardier, making him the most important man in the entire mission.

The Cry of Fallen Birds
S01E28 · The Cry of Fallen Birds

Apr 09, 1965

Savage is badly injured when his plane crashes near an ancestral mansion in the flight path of the base, and later fights with its beautiful female owner to have it legally demolished.

V for Vendetta
S01E29 · V for Vendetta

Apr 16, 1965

Gen. Savage has been taking great loses by unsuccessfully trying to bomb factories making planes that wreak havoc on the 918th, and now he risks losing his command.

P.O.W.: Part One
S01E30 · P.O.W.: Part One

Apr 23, 1965

Gen. Savage becomes a POW in a Nazi camp after being shot down, and the commander there wants to use him to break the other prisoner's will to escape.

P.O.W.: Part Two
S01E31 · P.O.W.: Part Two

Apr 30, 1965

Still a POW, General Savage plots with some of the men to kidnap the Nazi camp commander, to try a daring escape.

The Hero
S01E32 · The Hero

May 07, 1965

An ace-pilot colonel and former instructor of Gen. Savage joins the 918th, but he may be too independent which costs lives.


12 O'Clock High Season 1 (1964) is released on Sep 18, 1964 and the latest season 3 of 12 O'Clock High is released in 1966. Watch 12 O'Clock High online - the English Drama TV series from United States. 12 O'Clock High is directed by Robert Douglas,Don Medford,William A. Graham,Laslo Benedek and created by Albert Aley with Frank Overton and Paul Burke.

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12 O'Clock High(English), 12 O'Clock High(French), 頭上の敵機, Twelve O'Clock High, 12 O'Clock High


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