Jello Biafra

Jello Biafra

actor, composer, producer

Jello Biafra was born on Jun 17, 1958 in USA. Jello Biafra's big-screen debut came with Lovedolls Superstar directed by David Markey in 1986, strarring Mr. President. Jello Biafra is known for The Last Black Man in San Francisco directed by Joe Talbot, Jimmie Fails stars as Jimmie Fails and Jonathan Majors as Montgomery Allen. The upcoming new movie Jello Biafra plays is The Last Black Man in San Francisco which will be released on Jun 07, 2019.

Jello Biafra is a compelling, enigmatic public speaker and musician. He has sung for many bands: his first band, Dead Kennedys, was a seminal early punk band and continues to define and influence American punk rock and its beneficiaries. A leader and follower of the "Do It Yourself" punk ethic of music production, he founded the Alternative Tentacles record label, which published the entire Dead Kennedys' catalog, and continues to publish established and emerging talent. As a practical joke, Biafra entered the San Francisco mayoral election in 1979, and came in fourth out of ten candidates. Biafra was a casualty in a right-wing U.S. cultural movement of the 1980s to censor adult content from recorded music and associated materials. Biafra was charged and exonerated in court on a charge of "Distribution of Harmful Matter to Minors", namely, an album containing a poster of "Penis Landscape" by H.R. Giger. The police raid on Biafra's home and his subsequent trial became an underlying theme of Biafra's public speeches and lyrics.

  • Birthday

    Jun 17, 1958
  • Place of Birth

    Boulder, Colorado, USA

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