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The Last Black Man in San Francisco full movie is released on Jun 07, 2019. Watch The Last Black Man in San Francisco online - the English Drama movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $4,637,830. The Last Black Man in San Francisco is directed by Joe Talbot and created by Jimmie Fails with Jimmie Fails and Jonathan Majors. The Last Black Man in San Francisco is available online on fuboTV and VUDU Free.

Jimmie Fails IV, a black man, is a third generation San Franciscan. Having been pushed out by circumstances like many others, Jimmie, who works a low paying job as a nurse in a seniors' care facility, returned to San Francisco three years ago and has been living in his best friend Montgomery Allen's house that he shares with his blind grandfather, Jimmie who sleeps on the floor in Mont's already cramped bedroom. Despite the house, Mont's situation is not much better than Jimmie's, Mont who works at a supermarket fish counter while he sketches and writes a play on the side. Other black people around him who are showing their anger in also being disenfranchised from San Francisco life are the soapbox preacher who Jimmie and Mont often watch as they wait for the bus, and a group of young black men who hang outside of Mont's house. All of Jimmie's family, whom he rarely sees, are also disenfranchised from that San Francisco life in one way or another: his estranged father lives in an SRO (Single Room Occupancy); his mother and her new husband long moved to Los Angeles; and his paternal Auntie Wanda has been pushed out to the suburbs. Jimmie has long wanted to reclaim what he sees as his place in San Francisco, which to him means the house he grew up in and which his same named paternal grandfather built in the post-war era in a style indicative to the area a century earlier. The problems are that his father lost the house long ago, the neighborhood has since been gentrified from the immigrant neighborhood it once was, increasing the value of the house to the several millions, and a white couple currently lives there, there being no indication that they are either planning on leaving or selling even if Jimmie could afford it. Regardless, Jimmie, with Mont by his side, has and continues to take steps to reclaim the house as his to his standards.

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ラストブラックマン・イン・サンフランシスコ, Последний черный в Сан-Франциско, Последњи црнац у Сан Франциску, 舊金山的最後一個黑人, San Francisco'daki Son Siyah Adam


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A24, Plan B Entertainment, Longshot Features

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Fight for your land. Fight for your home.

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