Wolf full movie is released on Jan 01, 2023. Watch Wolf online - the English Crime movie from United States. Wolf is directed by Tammie Smith and created by Sanet Smit with Michael J. Rodriguez and Warwick Comber.

When a financially strapped young mechanic takes the risk of helping out a shifty colleague to improve his lot in life, he soon finds he is about to lose it all: his job, his partner and his unborn child if he can't claw his way back to normalcy. An attorney meets the auto mechanic and falls in love. After a 'whirlwind romance, they move in together. He struggles with the fact that she has achieved a higher station in life, and his troubled past amplifies his anxiety and fears of losing her. His psychological problems cause him to overcompensate for what he sees as his shortcomings. His solution is to lavish gifts on her that he can't afford, and the compulsion is so strong, he even gets into debt. This is a gripping story of love, loss, betrayal, and redemption. It starts as a typical romance story. But things soon go off the rails as escalating financial pressure drives the principal male character into a world of crime and chaos, right in the underworld of methamphetamine. Thus begins a downward spiral to hell, where the main question seems to be how many others he will drag down with him and who will be lucky enough to get away as he convinces his girlfriend to use ice with him.

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United States, Australia



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Smith International Productions

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Desperate Addict Lover

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