Who Killed My Husband? (also know as Under Fire) full movie is released on Oct 16, 2016. Watch Who Killed My Husband? online - the English Mystery movie from Canada. Who Killed My Husband? is directed by David Winning and created by Karen Hanna with Andrea Bowen and Yasmeene Ball.

Police Officer Douglas Howell, having not long been reminded by his wife, Sophie (Andrea Bowen), to pop to the bakery to pick up the cake for his daughter, Chloe's birthday, ends up killed in an attempted robbery. It leaves Chloe struggling with not just the loss of her father but also her asthma and the fear that the same thing could happen to her stepmother as she is also on the force. Sophie is desperate to get the all-clear to return to active duty, so she finds herself going undercover at a tech firm. As Sophie works the case, she discovers there is a connection to her husband's murder. But as she starts to dig deeper, she ends up in danger, and so does Chloe.

As know as:

Under Fire, Une femme contre le crime, Chi ha ucciso mio marito?, アンダーファイア 潜入捜査, Under Fire





Production Companies:

Daro Film Distribution, Odyssey Media

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