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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot full movie is released on Mar 04, 2016. Watch Whiskey Tango Foxtrot online - the Dari Biography movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $24,972,139. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is directed by Glenn Ficarra,John Requa and created by Robert Carlock with Tina Fey and Margot Robbie. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is available online on Paramount Plus and Paramount+ Amazon Channel.

2003. After careful consideration, Kim Baker, a news copywriter, decides to leave the relative comfort of a New York desk job and serious boyfriend Chris to accept the assignment to work for three months as on-camera reporter in war torn Afghanistan, as her news agency is looking for anyone within their ranks to fill immediately the empty voids overseas. Her only experience of being in such an environment is going through hostile zone training a few years earlier. Immediately upon her arrival in Afghanistan, she realizes that she is ill-prepared emotionally for this assignment, not only enduring the dangers of the war itself, but also the conditions of everyday life, including largely been seen by men as only a "piece of ass" and a distraction despite her being considered average looking back home and not being overtly sexual, and being an individual with a small bladder who is nonetheless told to stay hydrated at all times. She is largely assisted in navigating this new life by Tanya Vanderpoel, a fellow female western correspondent, and Fahim Ahmadzai, her Afghan translator guide. As time goes on, Kim finds that she not only may have a specific and important voice within the press corps, but that she may be losing touch with her life back in the States for good or bad. In addition, she will have to decide how much she is willing to risk, not only for herself but that for her colleagues, to get that next important story. She also has to figure out how much of what she does truly is her, and how much is being as she and the other western press corps members state is being in the "Kabubble". What may also affect her life is how much the war in Afghanistan is overtaken by other world events for which the American public is wanting information, and thus if Afghanistan has a specific time span in her life regardless of how much she may want to stay to tell what she sees as its important stories.

As know as:

Viski tango foqstrori, Αμερικανίδα ρεπόρτερ, Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Уиски, танго, фокстрот, Fun House

Release Date:

Mar 04, 2016

Release Date (Streaming):

Jun 28, 2016


United States


Dari, French, English, Pashtu

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Paramount Pictures

Production Companies:

Broadway Video, Little Stranger, Paramount Pictures

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From the headlines to the front lines


Kate Muir
Times (UK)
WTF also describes my reaction to the way the film swings between comedy and warfare. That said, the film grows on you...
by rottentomatoes, Sep 06, 2022
Stephanie Abraham
Bitch Media
This Orientalist storyline is not only problematic and unoriginal, it's also dangerous.
by rottentomatoes, Feb 10, 2021
Sara Michelle Fetters
If Whiskey Tango Foxtrot isn't as incisive or as penetrating as it potentially could have been, for a major studio satirical look at the war in Afghanistan there's still plenty of food for thought here.
by rottentomatoes, Aug 15, 2016

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