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Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride (also know as Wedding March: Here Comes the Bride) full movie is released on Feb 17, 2018. Watch Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride online - the English Romance movie from United States. Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride is directed by David Weaver and created by Neal H. Dobrofsky with Jack Wagner and Gabrielle Miller. Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride is available online on DIRECTV and Hallmark Movies Now Amazon Channel.

It's the Valentine's Day weekend. Mick Turner and Olivia Pershing of the Willow Lake Inn, which is doing booming business in their bread and butter of weddings, are taking a break if only to spend a romantic weekend together, beyond preparing for the Valentine's Day benefit concert at which Mick and his band will be performing, Mick who has a special surprise prepared for Olivia at the concert. Their romantic weekend is put on hold with the unexpected arrival of three couples. The first is Olivia's thrice divorced, hyper-critical mother Nora Winters, and her current boyfriend, Johnny. Nora, who disliked Mick when he and Olivia dated in college but who had changed her opinion of him when they recently reunited, may have changed her mind once again in believing that Olivia is "settling" in she and Mick not having gotten married, something Nora felt the need to tell Olivia in person. The second is Mick's daughter, Julia Turner, and her boyfriend, Wyatt. Julia's surprise visit home in the middle of the school year is to inform her father that she intends not to return to school after completion of this current semester, in favor of pursuing her dream of becoming a chef. She ultimately hopes to work at the inn, but if Mick won't let her in he not agreeing with her decision, she vows to get chef work elsewhere. In the ultimate disagreement on the issue between Julie and Mick, she may have forgotten one important person, Wyatt who believes their relationship cannot withstand the long distance as he still has two years until graduation. And third is Mick's younger sister, Bonnie Turner, a London-based couture retailer who says she is bringing someone with her. Bonnie doesn't say who that person is, her fiancé Sean, they who want to have a small ceremony on Valentine's at the inn. The reason for that secrecy until their arrival is that Mick and Sean have a history: Sean was once Mick's band mate, Sean who walked out on the band leaving them high and dry for a series of concerts. Mick has not forgiven Sean in the intervening twenty years. In seeing Sean now, Mick can't help but see something that gives him an aching suspicion that Sean is up to no good and will ultimately hurt Bonnie. Mick may or may not be looking for something that isn't there in it being Sean, but if he tells Bonnie his feelings, it may irreparably damage their relationship.

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Wedding March: Here Comes the Bride, Un amour de Saint-Valentin, Svadobný pochod 3: Prichádza nevesta, The Wedding March: A Valentine Wedding, Wedding March: Here Comes the Bride


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Hallmark Channel, All Canadian Entertainment

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