Totem full movie is released on Nov 24, 2017. Watch Totem online - the Polish Crime movie from Poland. Totem is directed by Jakub Charon and created by Jakub Charon with Karol Bernacki and Robert Chuchro.

Totem tells the story of two brothers involved in a drug deal that leads to tragic consequences. Savage wants to work his way up the criminal ladder. His role model is his brother Igor, the boss of a gang that plays a major role in town, who doesn't let Savage join his group. Savage's girlfriend is a prostitute. During a meeting with her clients, she is raped. She decides to take revenge on her pimp by telling Savage all the details of a drug deal that the man is involved in.Savage tells his brother what he plans to do. In a bloody showdown, Igor seizes the drugs. Things get more complicated as it turns out that the stash belongs to the Serbian mob. As the Serbian mobsters begin to purge the city, Igor disappears, while Savage is left alone in the urban jungle, desperately struggling to save himself and his loved ones.

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