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The Wandering Earth (also know as Liu lang di qiu) full movie is released on Feb 05, 2019. Watch The Wandering Earth online - the Mandarin Action movie from China , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $699,992,512. The Wandering Earth is directed by Frant Gwo and created by Gong Geer with Jing Wu and Chuxiao Qu. The Wandering Earth is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

The sun is dying out. The earth will soon be engulfed by the inflating sun. To save the human civilization, scientists draw up an escape plan that will bring the whole human race from danger. With the help of thousands of infusion powered engines, the planet earth will leave the solar system and embark on a 2,500 year journey to the orbit of a star 4.5 light years away.

As know as:

Liu lang di qiu, Мандрівна Земля, Pământul rătăcitor, 流浪地球, Liu lang di qiu

Release Date:

Feb 08, 2019

Release Date (Streaming):

May 05, 2019




Mandarin, Russian, Indonesian, Hindi, German, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean

Production Companies:

Beijing Dengfeng International Culture Communications Company, Alibaba Pictures, Base FX

Gross worldwide:



David Ehrlich
It's almost impressive how Gwo manages to rip off "Gravity," "Sunshine," and "2001," all at the same time.
by rottentomatoes, May 14, 2019
Karen Han
It's exactly the mix of cheesy and crowd-pleasing that you'd expect from a blockbuster, with eye-popping CGI sci-fi set dressing to give it a little extra oomph.
by rottentomatoes, May 14, 2019
Matthew Monagle
Austin Chronicle
Critics well-versed in the relationship between state and cinema will undoubtedly have a lot to say about those themes, but this should not detract from the fact that, as a piece of broad entertainment, there is plenty to enjoy.
by rottentomatoes, May 14, 2019

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