The Timekeeper full movie is released on Aug 21, 2009. Watch The Timekeeper online - the English Adventure movie from Canada. The Timekeeper is directed by Louis Bélanger and created by Louis Bélanger with Craig Olejnik and Stephen McHattie.

After his father's death, innocent Martin Bishop is left with nothing financially. He is however left with his father's belief that "if a man loses everything but still chooses to do what's right, then he's lost nothing at all", a belief to which Martin clings. He decides to head north to take a job on one of the Great Slave Lake Railroad's remote construction crews, working as its timekeeper, the person who keeps the records of hours worked for payroll. Martin quickly learns of the rampant corruption at his camp, led by the sadistic foreman, Fisk, who orders Martin to inflate his hours worked, and keep on the payroll those men who he has banished from the camp in order to pocket their wages. Those banished men are left to fend for themselves since they are provided no means of transportation out and have no money. They survive living off the scraps of food from the camp's dump, which is why they're referred to as the "garbage eaters". After Martin thinks that Fisk has killed one of the garbage eaters, Martin decides to do what he believes is right by going against Fisk and mobilizing the disparate group of garbage eaters, all at the risk of his personal safety. What may be working on Martin's side are the facts that he has been able to tame Fisk's security and attack dog, King, and that the camp's cook, Prudhomme, who has his own demons, dislikes the sight of human blood.

As know as:

L'heure de vérité, I ora tis alitheias, The Timekeeper





Production Companies:

Coop Vidéo de Montréal, Perfect Circle Productions, Téléfilm Canada


The time has come for time to come.

Cast & Crew

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