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The Straight Story full movie is released on Nov 03, 1999. Watch The Straight Story online - the English Biography movie from United Kingdom , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $6,416,569. The Straight Story is directed by David Lynch and created by John Roach with Sissy Spacek and Jane Galloway Heitz. The Straight Story is available online on Disney Plus and Apple iTunes.

Seventy-three year old Alvin Straight is a simple living and stubborn man who lives on his social security. He needs to do things on his own terms. He is in failing health. Both his hips are shot, which requires him to use two canes to walk. He is diabetic. He has emphysema from years of smoking. And he has poor eyesight. Beyond the obvious maladies, he doesn't tell his mentally disabled daughter Rose, who lives with him, of many of these issues. He learns that his brother Lyle Straight, from who he has been estranged for ten years, has just suffered a heart attack. Because of both his and Lyle's mortality, Alvin wants to make peace with his brother before it's too late, which means traveling from his home in the rural town of Laurens, Iowa to Lyle's home in rural Mount Zion, Wisconsin. As with other issues in his life, he needs to make the trip on his own terms, which means on his own. As he doesn't possess a driver's license and since his eyesight is bad, he decides to make the trip driving his aged riding lawn mover towing a trailer which will carry his gear and double as his sleeping quarters. After one mis-start, he is on his way. On that trip, he affects and is affected by those he encounters. But he just hopes that he can finish the trip the way he started it, and before either he, Lyle or the lawn mower give out for good.

As know as:

The Straight Story: Una historia verdadera, Tikra istorija, Prosta historia, Историята на Стрейт, Prava priča

Release Date:

May 21, 1999

Release Date (Streaming):

Nov 07, 2000


United Kingdom, France, United States



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Buena Vista Pictures

Production Companies:

Asymmetrical Productions, Canal+, Channel Four Films

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In life, what are the things that really matter?, A true story that proves a little determination goes a very, very long way.


Anthony Lane
New Yorker
It's intriguing to watch the Lynch of Blue Velvet and Lost Highway feel his way toward a less wounding surrealism -- into images that have power to hurt and will do none.
by rottentomatoes, Apr 14, 2020
Darren Richman
Independent (UK)
It seems only fitting that Lynch's most unambiguous, sentimental film should concern a man named Straight and the title is entirely apposite.
by rottentomatoes, Mar 18, 2020
James Clarke
Little White Lies
Instead, like Alvin, [Lynch's] film sets out on its mission in its own unassuming way and; inviting as those campfire flames around which so many stories have been told.
by rottentomatoes, Mar 18, 2020

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