The Secret Life of Brian North full movie is released on Jan 25, 2021. Watch The Secret Life of Brian North online - the English Adventure movie from Norway. The Secret Life of Brian North is directed by Elijah Keyi and created by Abraham Keyi with Madeleine Angelsen and Wisam Cor.

After spending 17 years becoming the hardest working comedian outside of the US, Brian left everyone with on thought. Who was Brian North really? Brian North was a nobleman that had talent, which the gift of laughter. Was that the only legacy he left? We last heard that he moved to a ranch in Spain and he did one last tour before he left. He left us with the special and left for good. His friends embarking on a journey more extraordinary than anything they could have ever imagined to find him again. Tracking down every person who had the pleasure of meeting Brian over his time touring and try to piece together where he might be or if he's even alive. We started with all his friends that were the closest to his more international friends in Sweden, Denmark, German, Holland, France, and last Spain. We tracked down every person he met via the help of his pictures and hope to find me him soon. We have no means to contact Brian and hope by the end of this we will find him. We plan to release his special after we find out what really happened to him.

As know as:

The Secret Life of Brian North




English, Norwegian, Spanish

Production Companies:

Bullshit Productions


Never stop dreaming. Just start living.

Cast & Crew

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