The Island of Wonder and Despair full movie is released on Jan 01, 2023. Watch The Island of Wonder and Despair online - the English Mystery movie from United Kingdom. The Island of Wonder and Despair is directed by Sharon Axcell and created by Johnny Fiolett Ragnar with Ellis J. Wells and Ryan O'Grady.

Set in the 1990's in the United Kingdom, the story follows 48 year-old Albert Renald, a conceited, luddite secondary-school head master, going on a holiday with his wife Kelly, and their five kids to an isolated island, 100 miles away from any land. While on the island, Albert takes the week away from civilization to spend time with his estranged kids, who don't have future wishes matching his expectations, leading to an uncivilized relationship. Meanwhile, the kids come across a mysterious, fallen angel-like figure named Alex, that has the ability to change gender at will and perform miracles, and spends its own time with the kids behind Albert's back, giving them the great time they don't get from their parents by fulfilling their wishes and promising them more, much to their pleasure. Time goes by: the kids grow more distant from Albert and closer to Alex, seeing one as the wrecker of their dreams and the other as the fulfiller of their dreams. The island gets less comfortable for Albert and Kelly when they become more aware of Alex, witness almost-paranormal events that threaten them, and seeing the truth of it all begin to unfold.

As know as:

The Island of Wonder and Despair, L'île de la Beauté et de la Misère


United Kingdom


English, French

Production Companies:

HOTS Productions

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