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The Human Condition I: No Greater Love (also know as Ningen no jôken) full movie is released on Dec 14, 1959. Watch The Human Condition I: No Greater Love online - the Japanese Drama movie from Japan. The Human Condition I: No Greater Love is directed by Masaki Kobayashi and created by Zenzô Matsuyama with Tatsuya Nakadai and Michiyo Aratama.

In the World War II, the pacifist and humanist Japanese Kaji accepts to travel with his wife Michiko to the tiny Manchurian village Loh Hu Liong to work as supervisor in an iron ore mine to avoid to be summoned to the military service. Kaji works with Okishima (Sô Yamamura) and he implements a better treatment to the laborers and improves the mine production. When the feared Kempetai (The "Military Police Corps", the military police arm of the Imperial Japanese Army from 1881 to 1945) brings six hundred Chinese POWs to the mine, Kaji negotiates with their leaders expecting them to control their comrades. However the methods of Kaji upset the corrupt system in the site, and the foreman Furuya (Kôji Mitsui) plots a scheme to use the naive Chen (Akira Ishihama) to turn off the electrical power of the barbwire fences to allow the prisoners to escape. When seven prisoners are falsely accused of an attempt of fleeing, a cruel Kempetai sergeant uses his sword to behead the prisoners. When Kaji protests, the POWs react sparing the lives of four prisoners but Kaji is arrested and tortured. When he is released, he is summoned to join the army and accused of being Red.

As know as:

Ningen no jôken, Ningen no jôken: Dai 1 hen, La condición humana I: No hay amor más grande, Agapi mesa stin Kolasi, La condition de l'homme: Il n'y a pas de plus grand amour

Release Date:

Dec 14, 1959




Japanese, Mandarin

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Image Entertainment Inc., Brandon Films Inc.

Production Companies:

Toho Company, Bungei Production Ninjin Club, Shochiku


An extraordinary picture of man's fate and man's hope...


David Mermelstein
Wall Street Journal
What's astonishing is the way that Kobayashi juggles the complicated narrative, with its panoply of incidents and significant characters (friends, nemeses and everything in between), so that clarity is never compromised.
by rottentomatoes, Jun 10, 2021
David Fear
Time Out
It's [Tatsuya] Nakadai who makes this impressive yet flawed screed worth your time commitment.
by rottentomatoes, Nov 17, 2011
Variety Staff
This is unique as a social document but pretty slow going as film entertainment.
by rottentomatoes, Jun 29, 2011

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