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The Fallen Ones full movie is released on Nov 10, 2005. Watch The Fallen Ones online - the English Horror movie from United States. The Fallen Ones is directed by Kevin VanHook and created by Kevin VanHook with Casper Van Dien and Kristen Miller. The Fallen Ones is available online on The Roku Channel and YouTube Free.

Five thousand years ago, in Sumer, the fallen angels had intercourse with human females and their offspring were a race of giants called Nephilim, destroyed by the great flood. The evil angel Ammon mummifies his son Aramis to save him, and hides in hell. In the present days, the archaeologist Matt Fletcher finds Aramis tomb with excavating for building a resort for the entrepreneur Morton. The engineer Angela joins the team, giving support in the diggings. When some workers mysteriously vanish, Morton hires the security force of Ammon to find the missing men. However, his real intention is to resurrect Aramis in the eclipse of the moon and dominate the human race with a new breed of giants.

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Падший ангел, Ammón El Destructor, The Fallen Ones, A múmia átka, Os Anjos do Mal


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