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The 33 full movie is released on Nov 13, 2015. Watch The 33 online - the English Biography movie from Chile , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $27,972,023. The 33 is directed by Patricia Riggen and created by Mikko Alanne with Antonio Banderas and Rodrigo Santoro. The 33 is available online on Apple iTunes and Amazon Video.

A docudramatic account of the 2010 Chilean mine disaster is presented, where the thirty-three miners who went into the San José Mine in Copiapó, Chile in the middle of the Atacama Desert on August 5 were trapped 700 meters underground for sixty-nine days, with all thirty-three eventually able to make it out of the mine alive. That day, mine foreman, Luis "Don Lucho" Urzúa, reported his concerns to mine owner, Carlos Castillo, about the unstable nature of the mountain under which the mine is located, those concerns which went unheeded. Don Lucho one of the thirty-three, went to work as usual into the mine, when that instability led to collapse in some of the underground shafts, the thirty-three who were able to make it to the refuge area, however with communication channels to the surface inoperable. Under normal circumstances, the refuge area had enough supplies to last thirty men three days. The miners also discovered that the company had failed to place the requisite ladders from the refuge area to the surface, and that the primary route out was now blocked by a shifted rock, its mass the equivalent of the Empire State Building. The thirty-three were ultimately led by Mario Sepúlveda, who was not going to let any of the thirty-three take priority over any of the others, especially in the initial panic and instinct for self-survival among some. On the surface, loved ones of the trapped miners held vigil at the mine, with María Segovia, elder sister of trapped miner Dario Segovia, arguably the most outspoken in condemnation of the powers that be not doing anything to search for the miners, not knowing if they were dead or alive, but who was also quick to give praise where praise was due. That praise largely went to the relatively new Minister of Mines, Laurence Golborne, who was determined both to do whatever he could on behalf of the government to look for the men and to provide accurate assessments to those holding vigil of the situation, especially in Castillo seeing miner deaths solely as an unfortunate nature of the business. The chief engineer assigned to drill toward the refuge area in the hopes that the miners were there was Andre Sougarret, who admitted that the process was not a scientific one as one would have hoped. Once the miners were discovered alive in the refuge area, the next phase of trying to extract them held its own new challenges for all concerned, both logistical and emotional.

As know as:

チリ33人 希望の軌跡, Les 33, 33 ψυχές, The 33, 33-мата

Release Date:

Nov 13, 2015

Release Date (Streaming):

Feb 16, 2016


Chile, Colombia, Spain, United States


English, Spanish

Stream Service:

Warner Bros. Pictures

Production Companies:

Alcon Entertainment, Phoenix Pictures, Los 33

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Official site

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Hope Runs Deep, Discover the miraculous true story


Sara Michelle Fetters
While the elements that do not work frustrate, the stuff revolving around those who truly deserve to be labeled as heroes thankfully never does.
by rottentomatoes, Aug 22, 2016
Udita Jhunjhunwala
There is plenty of drama and suspense in this true-life story, but the screenplay relies too heavily on formula and is swathed in Hollywood sentimentality.
by rottentomatoes, Jun 21, 2016
Max Weiss
Baltimore Magazine
Corny as it was, I cried when the men were rescued.
by rottentomatoes, Jun 12, 2016

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