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Suck full movie is released on Feb 05, 2011. Watch Suck online - the English Comedy movie from Canada. Suck is directed by Rob Stefaniuk and created by Rob Stefaniuk with Rob Stefaniuk and Jessica Paré. Suck is available online on Amazon Prime Video and Freevee.

In Montreal, Joey is the lead singer of the struggling band "The Winners", composed by the sexy bass singer Jennifer, the guitarist Tyler, the drummer Sam and the handyman Hugo. Their incompetent and alcoholic manager Jeff is incapable to help them to reach success and they are on the road on tour playing in clubs and bars in Canada and United States of America. After a show in a bar in Montreal, Jennifer, who is also the Joey's former girlfriend, leaves the place with the creepy Queeny, who is a vampire, and they spend the night together. On the next morning, Jennifer does not meet the band and they travel in their hearse to participate in a rock 'n' roll show without her. In the last moment, Jennifer arrives with a different appearance and on the next day they find that their home page had had several hits, all of them with good reviews and compliments to Jennifer. They become famous and Jennifer great audiences to the shows of "The Winners" and one by one, the musicians are turned into vampires but the reluctant Joey. "The Winners" become successful and Joey has a dream where he meets the bartender (Alice Cooper) of their show in Montreal in a crossroad and the man tells that he needs to decide whether he wants to be a winner or a loser. Meanwhile the vampire hunter Eddie Van Helsing is hunting the vampire queen and tracking "The Winners" in their shows.

As know as:

Suck, Rockeurs dans le sang, Suck - Bis(s) zum Erfolg, SUCK サック, ヴァンパイア・サック





Production Companies:

Capri Films, Capri Vision, Téléfilm Canada

Official Site:

Official site (Japan)


Sex, blood and rock 'n' roll., Vampires rock.

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