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Snakehead Terror full movie is released on Mar 13, 2004. Watch Snakehead Terror online - the English Action movie from Canada. Snakehead Terror is directed by Paul Ziller and created by Anthony L. Greene with Alistair Abell and Doug Abrahams.

Two years after the desperate attempt to eradicate the snake-head menace in Maryland's once-serene Cultus Lake, the fish population continues to decline. However, as if that weren't enough, someone thought that it would be a great idea to fill the lake with potent growth hormones to increase the lake fisheries, resulting in the creation of a mutated strain of more powerful and more ferocious aquatic predators. Now, Sheriff Patrick James and the marine biologist, Lori Dale, have to right a wrong, before the now-uncontrollable monsters decimate the entire community. Do they have what it takes to stop the snake-head terror?

As know as:

Λουτρό αίματος, Snakehead Terror - Der Schrecken aus dem See, Pirañas mutantes, Проклятье мертвого озера, Борба за оцеляване


Canada, United States



Production Companies:

Cinetel Films, Sci Fi Pictures, Artsy Fartsy Pictures


Fear is coming up for air., The fish are really biting.

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