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Signs full movie is released on Aug 02, 2002. Watch Signs online - the English Drama movie from United States , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $408,247,917. Signs is directed by M. Night Shyamalan and created by M. Night Shyamalan with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix. Signs is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

Preacher Graham Hess loses his faith in God after his wife dies in a brutal car accident. He lives with his children and brother in a farmhouse. Crop circles start to appear in their cornfields; Graham dismisses them as mischief by miscreants. After hearing strange noises and watching news coverage on crop circles appearing all over the world, the family grows suspicious of alien activities. Now they must stick together as a family and believe, to survive and escape the ordeal.

As know as:

Знаки, 驚兆, 靈異象限, 天兆, M. Night Shyamalan's Signs

Release Date:

Aug 02, 2002

Release Date (Streaming):

Aug 19, 2003


United States


English, Portuguese

Stream Service:

Touchstone Pictures

Production Companies:

Touchstone Pictures, Blinding Edge Pictures, The Kennedy/Marshall Company

Gross worldwide:



It's Not Like They Didn't Warn Us., The Signs Of Life, A message. A warning. A sign...of things to come., The first sign you can't explain. The second sign you can't ignore. The third sign you won't believe., It's happening., Don't see it alone., Believe


Joshua Rothkopf
In These Times
Signs is a tense experience; even the opening credits lunge at your throat with orchestral shrieks. It may one day reveal itself as a minor classic, a new Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the manufactured scare of its day.
by rottentomatoes, Mar 16, 2020
Namrata Joshi
It's the content that's to blame. Signs works on a confused storyboard. What's Shyamalan trying to say anyways? Nothing, or rather a bit too much.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 03, 2019
Chris Stuckmann
Signs was the film that sparked the desire that led to the purchase of a camera, many short films, and a love of movies that hasn't left me to this day.
by rottentomatoes, Apr 17, 2015

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