Shed No Tears full movie is released on Jun 09, 1948. Watch Shed No Tears online - the English Crime movie from United States. Shed No Tears is directed by Jean Yarbrough and created by Brown Holmes with Wallace Ford and June Vincent. Shed No Tears is available online on Amazon Prime Video and fuboTV.

Edna Grover convinces her husband, Sam, to enter a scheme where they can defraud his insurance company out of $50,000, so they can live in luxury. Sam forgets to ask Edna who 'they' is. Edna's definition of 'they' is herself and her lover, Ray Belden. There is a hotel fire, and Edna identifies the body in the fire as her husband Sam. Meanwhile, Sam flees to another city under an assumed name, where he waits for his loving-spouse to join him and they can live a life of luxury. He waits. And waits some more. And returns to ask Edna just what the delay is, and learns that the delay is another man. Before long, there is another dead man, and then a blackmailing private detective shows up, and then a police detective starts nosing around, and Sam still hasn't seen any money nor a life of luxury.

As know as:

Shed No Tears, No llores por mí


United States



Production Companies:

Frost Film Productions


SOMETHING ALWAYS HAPPENED TO HER MEN...blackmail...double-cross...even MURDER! (original poster)

Cast & Crew

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