Running on Karma (also know as Dai zek lo) full movie is released on Sep 27, 2003. Watch Running on Karma online - the Cantonese Action movie from Hong Kong , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $3,367,646. Running on Karma is directed by Johnnie To,Ka-Fai Wai and created by Ka-Fai Wai with Andy Lau and Cecilia Cheung.

Exotic dancer Dai Jet Lo (brawny man) has a gift to see through "cause and consequence". He meets a female cop and uses his gift to help her capture an extremely dangerous murderer. The female cop learns that Dai Jet Lo was once a monk who, due to the murder of a friend, left the monastery to find the killer. The female cop also has a inevitable "karma" that dooms her to die an unnatural death. The duo decide to oppose "cause and consequence" and change what cannot be changed.

As know as:

Dai zek lo, Running on Karma, Big Man, Da zhi lao, 大隻佬


Hong Kong, China


Cantonese, English, Hindi

Production Companies:

China Star Entertainment, One Hundred Years of Film Company, Milky Way Image Company

Gross worldwide:


Cast & Crew

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