Room No. 54 full movie is released on May 21, 2021. Watch Room No. 54 online - the Telugu Comedy movie from India. Room No. 54 is directed by D.S. Goutham and created by D.S. Goutham with Moin and Krishna Prasad.

Room No.54 is a story of four youngsters travelling the college phase together. They share various experiences to overcome the day to day obstacles. The story is set in an engineering college. The youngsters share a room in the hostel. The room, numbered 54 is supposed to be special because of all the alumni who stayed in the room have a special bond with the next batch. The bond keeps on extending. Coming from middle class families, the boys share a common bond and discover a friendship that will cherish forever. Room No. 54 deals with various challenges life throws at the youngsters and how they overcome each issue with the help of learnings from their alumni who keep dropping in at regular intervals and share their experiences. It has light-hearted humour with excitement, feelings of vulnerability and innocence.

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Room No. 54





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I Dream Media

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