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Romance at Reindeer Lodge full movie is released on Dec 17, 2017. Watch Romance at Reindeer Lodge online - the English Drama movie from United States. Romance at Reindeer Lodge is directed by Colin Theys and created by Nicole Baxter with Nicky Whelan and Josh Kelly.

Stumped what to do during Christmas Molly is thrilled when she wins a trip to Jamaica. Being so busy with work she doesn't notice that the trip is to Jamaica, Vermont, not the Caribbean. Now she's stuck at Reindeer Lodge with no possibility to turn back home. Besides the two owners of the Lodge there is Kayla and Greg who is there to try and photograph reindeer and then Jared who Molly met on the plane to Vermont. Slowly Molly adjusts to the reality that she has to spend her Christmas at the lodge, even though she doesn't like Christmas very much. However there doesn't seem to be any reindeer at this reindeer farm.

As know as:

Románc a Rénszarvas Panzióban, Dragoste la Cabana Renilor, Reindeer Games, Romance at Reindeer Lodge, Вълшебна Коледа


United States



Production Companies:

Synthetic Cinema International, Stargazer Films USA

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