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Robin Hood: Men in Tights full movie is released on Jul 28, 1993. Watch Robin Hood: Men in Tights online - the English Adventure movie from France , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $35,739,755. Robin Hood: Men in Tights is directed by Mel Brooks and created by J.D. Shapiro with Cary Elwes and Richard Lewis. Robin Hood: Men in Tights is available online on Sling TV Orange and Blue and Apple iTunes.

Robin of Locksley, known as the most skilled archer of the land, has just returned to England after fighting in the Holy Crusades, where King Richard the Lionheart is also fighting. Robin finds that much of what he knew of England has gone to ruin, including his longtime family home having been taken away, all at the hands of the evil Prince John, Richard's brother who has assumed the throne in Richard's absence. Neurotic John is basically being controlled by the equally evil Sheriff of Rottingham, everything they do to fatten their own coffers at the expense of the commoners and peasants. As such, Robin recruits a band of merry men to help him battle Prince John and the Sheriff, they, who include: Blinkin, his blind longtime servant; Ahchoo, the misguided son of Asneeze, the man who helped him escape from prison while fighting in the Crusades; Little John, who seems to think that being called Little is only coincidental to the fact of he being a hulking man; and Little John's friend, Will Scarlet O'Hara, a master with daggers. In going to the palace, Robin falls in love at first sight with Marian of Bagelle, a maid of the court. Marian is looking for the man who has the figurative and literal key to unlock her heart (and private parts). The Sheriff has his own eyes on Marian, he who in turn is the object of desire of Latrine, a powerful hag of a sorceress of the court. Robin, and the Sheriff in particular, have a fight to the death mentality to achieve their end goals, which for both are protection of the throne for their trusted royal, and the heart and cherry of Maid Marian.

As know as:

Bláznivý príbeh Robina Hooda, Robin Hood - männer i strumpbyxor, Las locas, locas aventuras de Robin Hood, Robin Hood: Helter i strømpebukser, Робин Худ: Мушкарци у хулахопкама

Release Date:

Jul 28, 1993

Release Date (Streaming):

Apr 04, 2006


France, United States



Production Companies:

Brooksfilms, Gaumont

Gross worldwide:



The Legend Had It Coming...


Bill Cosford
Miami Herald
The movie is not nearly as bawdy as it needs to be. Or as smart, either.
by rottentomatoes, Aug 18, 2021
Johanna Steinmetz
Chicago Tribune
Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Brooks' spoof of the Robin Hood legend, gets off to a creaky start before it loosens up and produces laughs.
by rottentomatoes, Dec 07, 2018
Angie Errigo
Empire Magazine
To say that this is the funniest film Mel Brooks has co-written, produced and directed in some years is, alas, not saying very much.
by rottentomatoes, Dec 07, 2018

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