Rare Bird full movie is released on Mar 18, 2006. Watch Rare Bird online - the English Documentary movie from United Kingdom. Rare Bird is directed by Lucinda Spurling and created by Jack McDonald with David Wingate and Jeremy Madeiros.

Imagine finding a pterodactyl alive and nesting on an obscure island. Rare Bird is the true story of a 15-year-old boy who helped find a bird believed extinct and solve the mystery of its existence. Like the myth of the phoenix, the Cahow bird is resurrected on the island paradise of Bermuda at the dawn of its development, returning to teach humanity an important lesson in perseverance. Threatened by manmade development, invasive species, and the pesticide DDT, the Cahow has been on the brink of extinction for over 4 centuries .This against all odds story about a man, a ghost bird and a struggle for survival takes a dramatic turn, when the bird faces a greater threat: global warming. Ravaged by a recent hurricane what will David and his successor Jeremy do to save the species once again from oblivion? Rare Bird is their tale of hope, inspiration and commitment to the future of all species. This true story is both a miracle and a mystery, and will keep you riveted as the destiny of an "extinct" species plays out in a race against time.

As know as:

Rare Bird


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Afflare Films, Bank of Bermuda Foundation, Royal Dutch Shell


The true story of a boy who rediscovered a bird thought extinct for 325 years, One of the most endangered birds in the world in the path of a hurricane

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