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Rachel and the Stranger full movie is released on Oct 02, 1948. Watch Rachel and the Stranger online - the English Adventure movie from United States. Rachel and the Stranger is directed by Norman Foster and created by Waldo Salt with Loretta Young and William Holden. Rachel and the Stranger is available online on Apple TV and YouTube.

David Harvey is a widower with a young son, Davey. They live on an isolated Ohio farm during the pioneer days. He wants his son to be raised in the manner his wife would have wanted - with proper schooling, Bible study and proper manners. Rachel, an indentured servant, is sold to David. David then marries her in order that little Davey would have a mother to properly raise him. David shows no real affection towards Rachel since this is a marriage of convenience. This all changes when Jim, a friend of the family comes for a visit. During his stay, David sees that there is more to Rachel than just being a "bonds woman", especially when Jim takes a liking to her. This awakens new feelings in David for Rachel.

As know as:

Kvinnan i vildmarken, Rachel y el forastero, Rachel und der Fremde, Rachel og den fremmede, Vuelve a amanecer


United States



Production Companies:

RKO Radio Pictures


REBEL BRIDE of a man she never kissed! Pledged to share his home...but not privileged to claim his love! Until one day...one fateful day...along came a Tall, Dark Stranger!, 3 Exciting Stars!, The Man Who Bought Her...The Tall Dark Stranger Who Sought Her!, More thrilling than ever in their most exciting hit together! (original print ad), A bare-fisted love feud! (original print ad), Once was a man, a married man...Who couldn't see the danger...until one day, one fateful day...Along came a Tall, Dark Stranger (original print ad)

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