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Peppermint full movie is released on Sep 07, 2018. Watch Peppermint online - the English Action movie from China , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $53,918,723. Peppermint is directed by Pierre Morel and created by Chad St. John with Jennifer Garner and John Gallagher Jr.. Peppermint is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

An unidentified woman is engaged in a brutal fight with a man in a car and finally dispatches him with a shot to the head. Five years earlier, the same woman, Riley North, is working as a bank teller in Los Angeles struggling to make ends meet. Her husband Chris owns a failing mechanic shop. They have a ten-year-old daughter, Carly. Chris' friend tries to talk him into robbing Diego Garcia, a powerful drug lord. Chris turns him down, but not before Garcia has already discovered his involvement and ordered his men to make an example of him. Riley and Chris take Carly out for pizza and to a carnival for her birthday since no one showed up to her party. At the carnival, Carly orders peppermint ice cream. As the family walks to the car, Diego's men gun down her husband and daughter in a drive-by shooting. She is wounded, but survives.

As know as:

Pepermint, Peppermint - Angel of Vengeance, Smak zemsty. Peppermint, Justicia implacable, Багровая мята

Release Date:

Sep 07, 2018

Release Date (Streaming):

Nov 20, 2018


China, United States


English, Spanish

Stream Service:

STX Films

Production Companies:

STX Films, Lakeshore Entertainment, Huayi Brothers Media

Official Site:


Gross worldwide:



The system failed. She won't.


Andrea Thompson
Chicago Reader
Bad timing can kill a movie that has everything going for it, but the problem with Peppermint isn't so much bad timing as tone deafness on an egregious scale.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 26, 2019
David Stratton
The Australian
Peppermint is jaw-droppingly ugly, horrendously violent, implicitly racist and routinely handled.
by rottentomatoes, Dec 14, 2018
Jake Wilson
The Age (Australia)
From a broader perspective, the film marks an intriguing new stage in Hollywood's ongoing effort to figure out what action movies about women (and aimed at them) should look like.
by rottentomatoes, Dec 12, 2018

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