Parrhesia: News and Debate full movie is released on Nov 20, 2019. Watch Parrhesia: News and Debate online - the English News movie from United Kingdom. Parrhesia: News and Debate is directed by Toby Hillery and created by Cameron Ashplant with Cameron Ashplant and John Curtice.

News Television and Debate web series. Visiting locations in the UK to tell intimate stories and to investigate the stories forgotten by mainstream media. Hard talk interviews with party leaders and discussions that give time to political experts and those with stories that need to be told. Debates between pro-Beijing and pro-democracy protesters at the time of Hong Kong Protests 2019. Election debate between UK student party leaders. Stories on the 2019 UK election, a suicide/mental health charity, Hong Kong Protests and Tortured prisoners.

As know as:

Parrhesia: News and Debate


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Across the Channel Productions

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