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Paradox full movie is released on Nov 19, 2010. Watch Paradox online - the English Sci-Fi movie from Canada. Paradox is directed by Brenton Spencer and created by Christos N. Gage with Kevin Sorbo and Steph Song.

Homicide detective Sean Nault, a cop on a parallel Earth whose technology is powered exclusively by magic. Sean investigates a baffling series of murders committed by a means he's never seen before: science. With the aid of Lenoir, a member of the ridiculed subculture of "pragmatists" who believe science is more than the stuff of myths & children's stories, and the 130-year-old sorcerer Winston Churchill, Sean uncovers an ominous plot that will lead him to another dimension and the realization that, unless he prevents it, both earths could well be destroyed.

As know as:

Paradox, Paradoxon, Paradoxe: les mondes parallèles, Watchmen of the Galaxy, Paradox - O Mundo Paralelo





Production Companies:

American World Pictures (AWP), BRON Studios, Legacy Filmworks

Cast & Crew

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