Osama full movie is released on Jun 27, 2003. Watch Osama online - the Dari Drama movie from Afghanistan , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $3,910,519. Osama is directed by Siddiq Barmak and created by Siddiq Barmak with Marina Golbahari and Khwaja Nader. Osama is available online on Amazon Prime Video and fuboTV.

The Taliban are ruling Afghanistan, they being a repressive regime especially for women, who, among other things, are not allowed to work. This situation is especially difficult for one family consisting solely of three women representing three successive generations. All the males in their family have died in various Afghani wars. The mother had been working as a nurse in a hospital, but regardless of she not being allowed to work, the Taliban has cut off funding to the hospital. The mother and grandmother make what they feel is the only decision they can to survive: they will have the preteen daughter masquerade as a boy so that she can get a job to support the family. The daughter, feeling powerless, agrees despite being scared as if the Taliban discover her masquerade, she is certain they will kill her. Partly as a symbolic measure, the daughter plants a lock of her now cut hair in a pot so that her lost femininity can flourish. The only people outside the family who know of the ruse are the milk vendor who employs the daughter - he who was a friend of her deceased father - and a local boy named Espandi who recognizes her despite her outward change in appearance. Espandi renames her Osama. The masquerade becomes more difficult when the Taliban recruit all the local boys to school, which includes military training.

As know as:

少女奧薩瑪, Για μια θέση στον ήλιο, Ο Οσάμα στη χώρα του φόβου, Afghan Zero nen, アフガン零年


Afghanistan, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Iran


Dari, Pashtu, English, French, Arabic

Production Companies:

Barmak Film, LeBrocquy Fraser Productions, NHK

Gross worldwide:


Cast & Crew

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