Oro nazi en Argentina full movie is released on Apr 07, 2005. Watch Oro nazi en Argentina online - the Spanish Documentary movie from Argentina , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $49,258. Oro nazi en Argentina is directed by Rolo Pereyra and created by Jorge Camarasa with Jorge Camarasa and Carlota Jacksich.

The story begins in Patagonia, deep south in Argentina, where researchers look for the remains of a German U-boat landing. This search leads them to Argentina during the '30 before Second World War, a time when anti-Semitism flourished in the country. Huge amounts of money were transferred to this country in order to be used for espionage and propaganda. The friendship of colonel Peron with a powerful banker, who played a crucial role in the transfer of funds to Argentina, was accelerated by the detention of a man sent by Peron to make a pact with the Reich. Once the war was over, this banker's son was appointed private secretary of Peron, President of Argentina in three different occasions. A real ODESSA is set up around Peron. Criminals like Eichmann, Mengele, Priebke are summoned. A German captain directs a mysterious office in Berne and another one a few steps from the Vatican. Helped by the Vatican and the silence of United States, he arranges the transfers of great fortunes and also the escape of the most wanted Nazi war criminals to Argentina. The trails of crimes and treasures arrived to the country begin to merge into it. An ex-Hitler's financier starts a systematic plan to destroy evidences and, after Peron's fall, he manages to definitely establish himself at the top of Argentine and international economical power. This story has been kept secret, till today.

As know as:

Nazi Gold in Argentina, Oro nazi en Argentina, Ouro Nazista na Argentina




Spanish, English, French, Italian

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Leda Films Productions S.L., Ledafilms

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